Rumor: Next iPad Will Have Similar Design Elements to iPad Mini

It’s pretty hard to believe, when one actually sits down and thinks about it, that the tablet computer revolution began only a few years ago, when Apple introduced the very first iPad in 2010. One wouldn’t think that the tablet computer, as we know it, is essentially only three years old, but it is. Since Apple introduced the first ever iPad computer a few years ago and essentially made tablet computing a reality for the consumer market on a widespread level for the first time ever, there have been a ton of improvements made to the device. Not only has apple since released three other generations of the standard iPad, as well as the recent iPad Mini, but a number of competitors have also joined the marketplace to threaten what once seemed like it was shaping up to become a monopoly. Search engine giant Google staked a claim in the smartphone marketplace with its innovative Android operating system a few years ago, and have since climbed to a spot near the top of the tablet pile, as well. The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets that came out this year have proven to be very popular, but the 4th Generation iPad and the iPad Mini still hold fast as the top two selections for a tablet computer, no matter where you are in the world. What’s even more interesting is the rate at which Apple seems to be intent upon bettering itself, and the implications this might have on the relationship it has with its consumers.

When the 3rd Generation iPad was announced in 2012, it was an exciting development that came with a vastly improved processor and the Retina Display screen that features high definition like never before. Interestingly enough, the fourth generation was released less than one year later, unveiled late in October along with the iPad Mini. Now, rumors are starting to swirl again, basically guaranteeing that there is no end to the speculation about what Apple will be doing next. While the 3rd Generation iPad is great and the 4th Generation version is even more enjoyable to use, there’s likely to be another, more advanced option hitting the shelves not too terribly long after the beginning of 2013.

A source that has actually been pretty close about Apple-related predictions in the past is indicating that Apple will be hewing much closer to the design of the iPad Mini when it comes to the next generation of regular iPads (or the iPad 5 as it will likely be known colloquially). It’s interesting to see how Apple continues to improve upon itself, and while this doesn’t quite bode well for something likeĀ cheap computer repairs, it does mean that we’ll continue to enjoy innovative and beautiful products from a great company for a long time to come. After all, at this rate it should only be another few months before the tech giant unveils its next tablet computer or record-breaking smartphone.