Car Apps That Prevent You From Sending Texts While You Drive

The modern smartphone is easily one of the most interesting tools that’s been developed within the last several years. What basically began with the first iPhone back in 2007 has now become a versatile and incredibly capable little device that just about everyone carries in their pockets. Many have comically made the observation that the modern smartphone is basically just a tiny little computer that also happens to make phone calls, as well. This isn’t really an inaccurate description, reductive though it may be. Smartphones are incredibly powerful these days, but they’ve actually introduced a certain amount of danger along with all their functionality and helpful uses. Teens were texting well before the smartphone was invented, but now that these little devices have become as ubiquitous and as functional as they are, they pose even more of a danger when they’re used behind the wheel. These days, someone can full-on browse the Internet while driving. Want to write someone a message on OK Cupid while you speed along the freeway at nearly 80 miles per hour? It’s incredibly ill-advised, but the modern smartphone has made it possible to do something like that. It’s a temptation that a lot of people find themselves unable to resist, and watchdog groups that monitor the statistics related to things like smartphone usage have reported that thousands of deaths have occurred as a result of things like texting while driving. Some apps that you can install on your smartphone will now even help you make sure you don’t use it when you’re driving. We’ll talk about some of the most interesting smartphone apps that make sure you don’t put your life or anyone else’s in danger by texting while you’re behind the wheel.

DriveMode is one of the more popular apps, and it will actually make sure that you don’t even receive any text messages when you activate it. You can make sure that up to five people are able to get in touch with you, and you can make emergency calls or access your music library — otherwise, you’re pretty cut off when this app is engaged on your phone. You basically can’t type anything, nor can you read when this app is turned on, so DriveMode is a great way to make sure you remain distraction-free while you’re operating your vehicle.

Textecution is another great app that’s about as serious as it sounds. This nifty program will use GPS to determine how fast you’re moving, and if it realizes that you’re going faster than 10 MPH, it’ll go right ahead and switch off connectivity to your phone, so you don’t get calls, texts, or any data until you’ve slowed down enough. There are a lot of reasons that it’s a smart idea to install a program like this — one of them is the cheap car insurance quotes you’ll enjoy getting when you’re able to improve your driving record. Using your smartphone while you’re behind the wheel makes you about 20 times more likely to have an accident, and one of these applications will help you make sure you stay safe and drive carefully.