Doxo Mobile: Better Than Mint?

When it comes to personal finance applications for your smartphone or tablet, there are dozens of options for Apple users. For many, the mobile app for has set the bar when it comes to planning and tracking monthly budgets and monitoring accounts. But since their acquisition by Intuit a couple of years ago and subsequent updates, functionality and customer service have been on the decline while complaints are decidedly on the rise. As a result, many former devotees have been looking for a replacement app that can offer them the ability to keep a handle on their personal finances. And it seems that new-kid-on-the-block doxo Mobile is the only serious contender at this point, at least if iTunes reviews are any indication.

While apps like SplashMoney and MoneyStrands suffer from myriad issues regarding form and function, this relative newcomer has received nothing but accolades from a growing army of users looking for an app that allows them to access and pay bills on the go. Of course, it should be noted that this freebie is still in its infancy, and as a result their lineup of providers is still somewhat limited. But that number is growing rapidly so that users should eventually be able to use the app to connect with accounts for the many companies that send them monthly statements and bills. And there’s a lot more to this app than just the ability to review statements and send in payments remotely.

In truth, this app is touted as a virtual file cabinet meant to meet your financial needs. As the descriptor quips, “Never miss a payment or lose another bill.” So aside from receiving statements and paying the balance, you can use the secure storage functionality to file away important documents for later recall, say at tax time or during an audit (God forbid). You can also add documents either by connecting to your service providers and accounts or snapping pics of your hard copies, and you can input account information and notes, as well. Plus, organizational tools allow you to separate files by account and folder (arranged alphabetically) so that it’s easy to refer back to a particular statement or month. In addition, unlimited cloud storage offers a safe, expedient, and clutter-free way to keep your financial records in order, thanks to the addition of a PIN that protects your account.

On top of this, you can set up a to-do list that reminds you when bills are due and the amount pending, and doxo will post emails and other communiques from vendors directly to your to-do section. This app is not necessarily designed to help you formulate a budget. It won’t auto-pay your bills or direct you towards a reputable¬†cash loan¬†agency. But it does offer simple functionality that keeps you on top of your pending bill payments and ensures that you have the ability to address them on the go. It may not be the fanciest app on the block, but it does what it says it will and it definitely helps to keep you on track. So you can see why it is ahead of competitors that charge and arm and a leg for over-complicated software that really only makes life harder for users. If you’re seeking simple tools to manage your personal finances, doxo is where it’s at.