New Real Estate App Open Home Pro

Those of us who work in real estate know that the name of the game is getting the information that your buyers want in front of them as quickly as possible. The ability to communicate immediately and share information quickly is one of the most important aspects of any real estate agent’s duties, and as we continue to see our technological capabilities grow and expand, we’re seeing more and more ways to do this. All sorts of applications, products, and services exist to help realtors get their listings out in the best way possible, but Open Home Pro aims to offer a solution that will make their jobs easier, more efficient, and provides a better alternative to the relatively outdated technology put to use in a lot of the real estate industry.

Most real estate professionals use a program or service known as an MLS. This stands for a “multiple listing service,” and has been developed to help real estate agents get their listing to all of the various listing services that exist. With the advent of the Internet, there are more and more listing databases out there, so an MLS can help a realtor make sure all their bases are covered.

What Open Home Pro alleges, however, is that these services have a tendency to be a bit outdated, and really don’t do real estate agents any favors in terms of the media that they’re able to upload. When you’re selling a home, you need to be able to showcase its beauty in a way that’s going to attract as many buyers as possible. High-quality photos and videos are one of the absolute easiest ways to do this, but most MLS programs don’t really handle images well, especially given the high-res capabilities of today’s phones and cameras.

Open Home Pro is a solution that was originally developed for the iPad, but has been recently expanded into an iPhone version. This new update will enable real estate agents to capture the best images and information related to a property, and post it to as many listings as possible on the go. The application is going to have some serious benefit from the fact that the iPhone 5’s camera is incredibly capable, and for now, realtors can post their listings directly to CraigsList and other services through the app itself.

Applications like this are the future of just about every industry — smartphones and tablets are giving almost everyone more efficient ways to do their jobs, and the real estate business is no exception. Open Home Pro is just one of the new developments that aims to help realtors get the best information possible to the most important listing sites. Your potential clients will have a much easier time keeping track of all the Indianapolis real estate you have to offer when you use an app like Open Home Pro to upload pictures, videos, and information. This exciting new app is just one of the ways that our smartphones and tablets are making work easier for just about everyone.