College TV Awards Bring in Vimeo As Video Platform for Competition

Vimeo has long been one of the top video-hosting and uploading sites on the Internet, basically offering YouTube its most intense competition. Where the Google-owned YouTube focuses on quick, light content that’s created for and by just about everybody, Vimeo has actually made a name for itself by pursuing a slightly different market. Sure, YouTube has since become a platform for some pretty impressive content, with YouTube partners and other content creators developing channels and shows that have millions upon millions of views. It’s also, however, a very user-friendly place for just about anyone to upload footage of their family party so they can send the link to friends and coworkers. Vimeo, on the other hand, has made it a point to corner the more artsy market, and aims instead at featuring a lot more high-definition content (which means much bigger files — a main distinction from YouTube). As such, it tends to feature more serious content by actual filmmakers, companies, and so on. You’ll certainly see plenty of the same content appearing on both YouTube and Vimeo, but Vimeo still remains a classier, smaller, and more mature platform for users to upload and share their videos. When you get a Vimeo link, in short, you can be pretty much guaranteed that it won’t be a grainy camera phone video, nor will it be footage of someone’s cat.

This level of prestige is very likely why Vimeo attracted the College TV Awards, who will be holding their thirty-fourth annual ceremony to honor the best and brightest in college filmmaking. College students create a lot of content, and the College TV Awards — which are compared with the Emmys in terms of prestige, only exclusively for college students — intend to honor some of those creations. Much of the programming created for college television deserves recognition: just because there isn’t a studio budget and marketing campaign behind it doesn’t mean it can’t be excellent content, worthy of commendation. Added benefit comes from the fact that Vimeo is a well-respected video platform. This will be certain to lend a level of brand equity to the proceedings, which is a good thing for everyone.

mtvU has already partnered up with the College TV Awards, and will be joined by Vimeo for the presentation, which will is put on by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Submission is obviously something very important to a competition like this — there are bound to be a ton of entries, and this is precisely why the competition’s organizers have stepped in to ask the website to help out. When their submissions are ready, users will upload them to Vimeo where they will be judged, and then a winner will be declared. The Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship is at stake, which rewards entertainers doing important work with kids’ media. Hopefully, this awards ceremony will introduce the world to some futureĀ masters of education programs, and will showcase some true up-and-coming talent in the process.