Track Your Portfolio With StockWatch

There are all kinds of apps out there meant to help the average person make the most of their investments anytime and anywhere, thanks to the connectivity and functionality provided by their mobile devices. Some are mere games meant to teach you how to trade while others provide you with the latest news from the wide world of stocks. And many are designed to help you manage your accounts, whether you fancy yourself a day trader or you’re content to feed money into mutual funds and watch your nest egg grow. But few of these apps can provide you with the comprehensive tracking features offered by StockWatch, and even less can boast the 5-star rating that the latest iteration of the application has garnered on iTunes. So if you are one of the many people who now dabbles in the market through stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, or all of the above, prepare to hand over your $1.99, because this is one app you do not want to pass up.

It’s important to note that this application does not allow for trading. It is meant solely as a means of tracking investments, and this it does very well. Unfortunately, this means you’ll probably have to call your broker or switch to a different app if you want to use the information you garner from StockWatch to trade. But with the many handy features offered you should be able to get the jump on your fellow traders. For instance, this app allows you access to information from more than fifty exchanges. No matter where you invest, domestically or in foreign markets, you will very likely be able to track your investments real-time via this app. That includes dozens of exchanges in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. But there’s so much more to it.

For starters, you have several options for creating watch lists, including stocks, mutual funds, and so on that you currently invest in as well as those you’d like to keep an eye on. In fact, you can create unlimited watch lists, including portfolios and lots, and get updates when there are changes in prices, values, and more. And for any given listing you can toggle between data on price, cost, value, gains and losses, etc., as well as view details like trades made, the percentage of change, closing prices, yields, and a lot more. You can also view charts based on time input (from 1 day to 5 years, at set intervals). And there are a wide variety of technical charts available for serious and well-informed investors (like those who have gone to or a bonafide broker program).

You’ll also have access to news feeds for the latest assessments from industry insiders and market-savvy pundits. And you can customize your defaults, data, and alerts. Plus, if you’re worried about threats to your account, a security feature allows you to password protect it. And the auto sync service lets you share data with multiple devices as well as create backups. In short, StockWatch is like one-stop viewing for all of your stock-related information needs, with plenty of tools to ensure that you can track all of your investment interests more efficiently. For a buck-ninety-nine, it’s worth every penny and then some.