Internet Security Mogul John McAfee Fights to Stay in Guatemala

Those of you that have been following the online news feed lately have likely not had the pleasure of noticing that a gentleman by the name John McAfee has been dominating the headlines for the last several weeks. If you feel like you’ve seen that name before, it’s probably because you have. A great deal of computers used all around the country feature an antivirus software suite known as McAfee Security. It’s only real rival in terms of computer antivirus software is Norton Antivirus; the two companies are easily the most-used when it comes to computer and Internet security. McAfee, in fact, is something of an online security mogul himself, and has long since retired with his vast fortune to a compound in Belize where he spent his time hanging out with young ladies and other rich American expatriates, doing yoga, and working on developing bacterial quorum-sensing technologies that will help commercially produce natural antibiotics. If all of this sounds a little strange, that’s because it is, but this is just where the strangeness begins.

In November, it became known that the authorities in Belize were very interested in McAfee, but not because they had viruses on their computers and were hoping that he could help them out. Instead, the police in Belize wanted to speak with Mr. McAfee because he had been deemed a person of interest, and was wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of one of his wealthy American neighbors also living in Belize. McAfee maintains to this day that he is completely innocent, but rather than state this directly to the authorities, McAfee fled and led the country on a wildly entertaining manhunt through Central America.

After evading authorities in Belize for a couple of weeks or so, McAfee paired up with Vice. The sensationalist progressive magazine’s editor-in-chief met with McAfee, wrote an extensive piece about him just prior to his legal situation, and followed him to film a documentary while he was on the run. Infrequent and relatively cryptic blog posts were all that anyone heard from John McAfee for some time while he was on the move ducking the law, but the software titan was eventually nabbed in Guatemala by authorities that intend to deport him back to Belize, where he’d be questioned about his neighbor’s murder.

McAfee swears he had nothing to do with his neighbor’s unfortunate demise, and is fighting to avoid deportation back to Belize. He wishes to remain in Guatemala, where recently suffered what was thought to be a heart attack but turned out to be a reaction to acute stress and anxiety. McAfee’s saga is an interesting one, and though he may have pioneered theĀ secure file transfer, he will still have to answer to the authorities in Belize, should he wind up being deported from Guatemala. The conclusion to this crazy saga will be an interesting one no matter what, and it’s only a matter of time before John McAfee meets whatever fate he has waiting for him.