5 Great Smartphone Apps for Beer Lovers

In days gone by, people who drank beer were often restricted to mass-produced canned offerings that many of us now avoid like the plague. The craft beer industry has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, sending delicious small batch experimental brews and historically traditional ales to bars and markets all over the world. Today’s beer lovers can expand their knowledge and palate using some of these incredible smart phone apps that marry beer and technology into a wondrous union.

  1. iBeers Pro
    For the beer lover who memorizes statistics in a fashion rivaled only by baseball fans, iBeers Pro is the must-have app of the day. This deep delving database of thousands of beers from all over the world puts useful information like bottle size, recipes, and alcohol content for every beer in the bar or liquor store at your fingertips. Becoming the neighborhood beer guru has never been easier or more respectable.
  2. Happy Houred
    The only thing beer nuts love more than sampling finely crafted brews at home is getting those beers straight from the tap at any of the hundreds of watering holes that reside in all corners of their hometowns. The drawback of conducting your beer research at bars is that it can quickly get expensive. Happy Houred links up with your GPS and local bar listings to help you find all the best happy hour drink specials in your area at any time.
  3. Beer Cloud
    Beer has become a beverage on the same level of prestige as wine for many of us, and a high class dinner beer pairing is becoming almost as common as a wine pairing. Of course, when beer is involved there is no such simple standard as “red with meat,” or “white with fish”. Beer Cloud makes it easier to sift through the hundreds of beer varieties and thousands of individual brews to find the perfect match for your romantic dinner.
  4. The Beer Bible
    History and beer go hand in hand–as a matter of fact it’s not unlikely that many of our most respected historical accounts were written through the bottom of a pint. The Beer Bible puts the history of beers from hundreds of worldwide breweries in the palm of your hand. Learn about everything from the mead of the Dark Ages to the personal brews of our Founding Fathers with this fun and educational app. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting everything tomorrow.
  5. iBrewMaster
    Quite possibly the only thing more gratifying than taking a relaxing evening off with a bottle of your favorite brew is doing the same with a bottle of your own personal brew. Home brewing has become a hobby as common as collecting stamps or building model planes–only it is infinitely more fun. For the aspiring¬†brewmaster, an essential app would be iBrewMaster. This app combines recipes, equipment lists, and step by step instructions about how to get the best results out of your home brewing adventures.