Is Apple Hinting at a TV?

Apple certainly seems to be one of the brands that’s competing the most heavily for a lock on the future. They’ve revolutionized just about every industry that they’ve touched, and even their biggest competitor — Google — arose more of as a response than it did alongside Apple’s incredible innovative rise to prominence over the last decade or two. The company has had its fair share of ups and downs, but over the last several years, the late Steve Jobs guided his company to the top of the technology industry before leaving his legacy to the care of Tim Cook. Cellular phones have never been the same since Apple introduced the iPhone and basically invented the modern smartphone back in 2007, and the tablet computer market pretty much didn’t exist prior to the launch of the first generation of the iPad only three short years ago. Alongside this, Apple also continues to churn out the best hardware in terms of laptops and computers, and their operating systems are continuously hailed as some of the best in terms of user experience and accessibility. Some have wondered whether or not Tim Cook has steered the company in the directions that the late Steve Jobs would have preferred, and his answer seems to be that he intends to potentially take on yet another market.

Could the television be next on Apple’s radar? In an interview that’s set to air this week, Tim Cook has dropped some pretty cryptic hints that has analysts going nuts trying to figure out exactly what the technological titan will be taking on next. In an interview with Brian Williams that’s set to air later this week, the Apple CEO said a few things that were just vague enough to suggest that Apple might be working on an actual television unit in the relatively near future. Of course, there’s already Apple TV, but this has been around for quite some time, and is a unit that sends content and programming to the television that you’ve already got.

Cook’s most recent comment is exactly the kind of coy remark that’s intentionally designed to get the rumor mill a-turning, and comes at the end of a pretty big year for the company. The iPad’s third generation, the iPhone 5, and the iPad Mini all saw successful releases this year, and have made it clear that Apple dominates just about all of its respective markets. This isn’t even mentioning the computers and laptops that have come out this year, with the Retina display being applies to just about all of the company’s products. By setting their sights on the television, Apple could position themselves to finally take over the living room, in a manner of speaking, and would give themselves a chance to integrate a great deal of their products and services with just about all the main screens upon which consumers enjoy their entertainment. If Apple does decide to start making their own proprietary TVs, it won’t be something available to the consumer market in the immediate future, so it’s not time to chuck out those indoor HD antennas or any of the gear you’ve already bought, just yet. But you could have the option of purchasing your very own iTV sometime in the relatively near future.