The State of the Flying Car

We all kind of assumed that we would have our flying cars by now. Many of us might feel like we were promised a future that was full of robots doing things for us and cars that would be able to lift up off the highway at a simple command and float us merrily over that gridlocked traffic that was making our commute so miserable. While it’s certainly no stretch to say that we do live in the future, we don’t exactly have personal jets, but we do seem to have many of the other things about which we dreamed. Although, for those of us who still think we don’t have flying cars — are we perhaps just not looking hard enough?

You might be somewhat surprised to learn that there’s an actual organization known as the EAA, and this stands for the Experimental Aircraft Association. They might not involve as many crazy substances in their work as their name could perhaps imply, but they are interested in the newest and most forward thinking developments in aviation. They’re based out of Oshkosh, WI — where a lot of exciting and cool aviation stuff happens — and have been at the forefront of the development of our storied “flying car” for about as long as the effort’s been made. People over at the EAA will tell you that we’ve dreamed of successfully combining the car and the automobile since the Wright Brothers first gave us flight to begin with, but we might have actually come further than you realize.

It’s still not possible to simply lift off the ground and take off flying, but there are a few apparati that have been developed which can handle both see and road travel, and which require a pilot’s license to fly and a driver’s license to drive. These aircrafts are classified as LSA’s, or light sport aircrafts, which is a designation that was created in 2004 to accommodate the developments that were being made.

The two companies that have come the closest to really giving us what could actually be considered a flying car are Terrafugia and Maverick. Both are pretty clearly aircrafts that you can drive on the road, and neither makes any attempt at coming across like it’s a car that will somehow transform into an airplane. In fact, these are referred to as roadable aircrafts, rather than “flying cars,” and you might want to visit a site like CheapAutoInsurance if you’re thinking about driving one. You still have to take off and land at an airport and follow all the same rules that apply to airplanes when you’re using these, so we might still be a little ways off from those flying cars we’ve all dreamed of…but this is something close, and it’s something that’s definitely very cool. Either way, the Terrafugia and the Maverick LSA are two examples of the future being a really, really awesome place to live.