Businesses Looking to Relocate Will Love Cartus

You might think that moving is not that big of a deal. Well, you do have to pack up everything you own, load it on a truck, and make sure it all arrives at your new dwelling in one piece. And you have to file a change of address, switch over utilities, and tend to any damages on the property before you go. Plus, the upheaval can be pretty stressful for everyone involved. In truth, moving is a difficult undertaking in all manner of ways. Now imagine that you had to plan a move for an entire corporate office. You can see how coordinating such an event might be a little dicey. Luckily, there is at least one company out there that aims to make the process easier for the business moving to greener pastures, and they cover all the bases. If you haven’t yet heard of Cartus, now is the time to try them out, especially since they’ve developed a handy Apple app to supplement their service.

Although the app is free to download, a Cartus account will definitely cost you (prices vary depending on services). But the company looking at a major move will get a lot for their money when they uproot in favor of new digs. In truth, what they do is nothing short of managing the entire moving process. They not only help you make preparations and enact the details of the move, but they also provide services for employees and clients in order to ensure that your actual work is still getting done, even if it’s not exactly business as usual. With the goal of simplifying the moving process for the companies that hire them, Cartus offers scalable plans to manage every aspect of your office relocation, providing you with an easy and efficient way to complete your move.

So what can you expect from the mobile application? The Cartus app is really a digital extension of the service that is meant to help you stay connected with both employees and clients throughout the tumultuous moving process. When computers, desks, and phones are packed away in preparation for the move you might have some difficulty staying in contact with everyone. This is where Cartus comes to the rescue with a free-to-download app that lets all interested parties connect to their online accounts via smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device (provided they have a user ID and password already set up).

Both employees and clients may use the app to check on the status of the move and see the company news feed. In addition, employees may upload their contacts directly to the app in order to more easily stay in touch with coworkers and clients, and they can file reports and post updates remotely. As for your clients, they can also review progress of their work via the dashboard, as well as post requests for actions or revisions. So whether the execs want to let everyone know that they’ve decided to hireĀ Holden moving companies, an employee wants to update the status of a project, or a client would like to request changes, this app can act as the go-between during a move. Cartus offers more than just a way to get your furniture and equipment from one office to the next. Thanks to their mobile application they also keep your entire operation connected throughout the move.