IRS2Go Offers Tax Tips Direct From the Source

It is commonly proclaimed that the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. And it seems that we will soon be able to add “there’s an app for that” to the list of certainties in life. Honestly, there appears to be an app for nearly anything these days. Some of them teach you martial arts while others offer tutorials on how to cook Turducken. Having trouble motivating yourself to jog? No problem – you can now be chased by a virtual horde of zombies thanks to the many strange offerings in the app-sphere. You can manage projects, manage finances, and even manage your driving-age teens with an app that gives you a play-by-play of their time behind the wheel via the iPhone’s accelerometer. There are apps to help alleviate the junk in your real-world mailbox and find you the best deals on the items you purchase every day. All you have to do is ask and it seems someone will find a way to make an app that meets your every need. And while we’re still awaiting the app that thwarts the reaper and delivers eternal life, at least there are applications available to help us with the other certainty in life.

The Internal Revenue Service isn’t the first organization to come up with an app designed to ease the problems associations with our complex tax code, and they probably won’t be the last. But considering they’re the source of our misery, it’s comforting to know that they care enough to provide the public with an olive branch designed for use on your Apple device of choice. IRS2Go was created with the goal of helping taxpayers get the information they need to file their taxes in a more efficient manner, with less chance of error, as well as access their tax records on demand and learn the status of their refund without having to call in. In case you didn’t know, the IRS offers information and advice for free to anyone who asks, and this application is no exception.

The main idea behind this app is helping the general public to gain the information they need to file their income tax returns with fewer mistakes. To that end if offers all kinds of connectivity to users, via direct news feeds as well as access to their Twitter and YouTube accounts. You know a media platform has become commonplace when even the IRS is using it as an avenue of information dissemination. In any case, these various data sources will offer users valuable insight and advice on tax-related issues like identity theft, rebates, and changes in filing status (single to married or vice versa, for example). And of course, you can always use the app to contact an IRS representative directly with any questions you may have concerning your taxes.

But what users are likely to be keener on are the features that let them tap into their own data. For one thing, you can access past tax records by entering a few key pieces of information. So if you want to get the same¬†tax credits 2013¬†that you got the year before, all you have to do is pull up your previous filing to make sure you don’t miss anything. Even better, though, is the function that lets you check your refund status. Although it generally only take a couple of weeks for your refund check to arrive (or auto deposit), this feature can let you see the projected refund date along with any possible delays. IRS2Go won’t file your taxes for you or tell you what deductions to claim, but it can help you immeasurably in a number of other ways. And considering it comes straight from the IRS, you can trust it about as much as the eventuality of shuffling off this mortal coil.