Top 5 Wedding Planning Apps

The months leading up to your wedding should be one of the most fun and exciting times of your life, with all the anticipation building in advance of your big day. But the problem is that stress and blood pressure are usually building at the same pace. There are so many details to manage when planning your wedding, so much money being spent and so many egos and family dramas to handle that it can overshadow the excitement and make you miserable. The last thing you want is to pick up the ‘bridezilla’ moniker if you ever do momentarily snap under all of that pressure. Luckily, mobile technology is here to help you plan everything with ease and grace. Check out these top 5 wedding planning apps that will help you handle all of the details while keeping stress in check.

First off, you must check out what is basically the cream of the crop of wedding apps, iWedding Deluxe. It will run you $9.99 in the app store, but every penny will be worth it for your peace of mind. Consider it a complete wedding planner, right in your pocket. It will manage the total budget, as well as all of the major contract information, venue details and all of your contacts. You’ll have the to-do list broken down by category, but will also find quick assistance with easy links and search tools for any missing pieces. You can even use it to store photos to give you design inspiration.

If you don’t have the budget to bring on a celebrity wedding planner but wouldn’t mind a bit of that high quality input, check out the wedding planning app released by Mindy Weiss. She’s a celebrity wedding planner who has worked for a wide range of famous and particular women, and now she’s put out an app that will give you that same level of tips and tricks of the trade. The app costs $7.99, and it comes packed with video clips in which Mindy shares her latest creative ideas, the trends seen in the top weddings of the year and what the biggest names in design are doing for their clients.

For those of you who aren’t stressing about the details but definitely need some inspiration check out Wedding Genius 2.0 put out by BRIDES. It’s completely free, and this visual app is designed to help you narrow down choices for dresses, flowers, honeymoons and rings among many other things. You can save your favorites to look up later, or click through to find stores right in your area that carry those designs. Grooms should look elsewhere though, as this app is completely bride-centric.

One of the largest stresses leading up to the wedding is money. It is all too easy for your modest plans to get out of hand, and for that careful budget to follow suit. But some budgets can’t be broken, and in that case you’ve got Wedding Budget, a fantastic free app to make sure the money is handled. It will keep track of all of your costs, and also manage your payment schedule, allowing you to set budgets for each category, see how much you’ve already spent and what is left as wiggle room.

Finally, check out Wedding 911, an incredibly useful app designed by The Knot. This one is information focused, and it will help you get organized in every facet from the time you say, “I do”. It won’t necessarily save you money, like creating your own invitations on would, but it will answer any wedding questions you may have. You won’t have as much wedding stress, and will understand how to create a timeline that insures everything gets done with the fewest panic attacks