The Best iPad Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

Ah, the tablet computer. Essentially the Smartphone’s bigger the brother, the tablet computer has literally only been around for three years (seriously, it only took three years for tablets to come as far as they have, and become as numerous as they are), but they’ve completely changed the way we compute, and do a ton of other things, at that. Whether you just use your tablet to sit in front of the TV and maybe get a little shopping done on the weekends, or you use it in the daily running of your small business, or you use it in your production gig and keep a bunch of task lists in order, the tablet has arisen as one of the most versatile and powerful little devices in the history of technology. What’s more is that just about anyone will tell you — talking about tablet computers is more or less synonymous with talking about the iPad. In 2010, the iPad was the tablet that started it all. Sure, the idea of the tablet computer had been around, and had even been executed before — but not like this. In fact, the tablet had never been executed quite like the iPad, which is currently in its third iteration and has just seen the release of the inexpensive low-market iPad Mini.

Now that there are more than enough tablets available to just about any consumer, there are more and more apps to help you do whatever you need to do. Whether it’s shopping or taxes, there’s an app for that. And that isn’t just a catchphrase anymore — it’s a reality at this point, and we’re going to talk about the best apps to help you do your taxes. We’ll try and stick with the free ones, as well. The best one is probably TurboTax. Not unlike its desktop application counterpart, the TurboTax iPad app is awesome — it’s beautifully-designed, very helpful, and free to download. It’ll help you file your federal and state tax returns, and make the whole process nice and easy for you.

If your tax needs aren’t too exhaustive, there are also some nice and simple apps that can just give you advice or tips when you need it. There’s an app called MyTaxRefund that’s incredibly simple, and will just give you a nice estimate as to what your tax return might look like. Another free app called Ask a CPA will give you basic tips and advice when you need it, by way of letting you ask a question for free. There are other apps that will charge you up to $10 to do this, but you’ll get more detailed answers.

H&R Block also have a couple of apps — the mobile app is pretty standard in its offerings, and it’ll help you find a location and get in the door so that you can start working on filing your tax return. The full app is a bit more extensive and will help you prepare and file your return. As you can see, iPad apps make it pretty easy to figure out just about anything you might want to know about your taxes, so you don’t have to have the phone number for the IRS in order to get your return right.