How to Eliminate Bad Backlinks From Your Website

For those of us conducting any kind of business or commerce online, search engine optimizations is one of the most important parts of our online marketing arsenal. The amount of visibility that you’re able to pull off in the most popular search engines has a very direct effect on the way your site — and ultimately your business — will perform. As such, you need to make sure your search engine optimization (or SEO, for short) campaign is running as smoothly as possible. What you might not have known, however, is that some SEO practices are frowned upon, while others are seen as a bit more legitimate. It’s been quite some time since Google started making a competition out of showing up first in the search results, and since then all sorts of ways to manipulate the rankings have popped up. Some of these methods are OK — this is called “white hat” SEO — and some of these methods are not-so-OK (“black hat” SEO).

Regardless of how legitimate your SEO campaign’s methods are, your site relies on something known as backlinks. These are the carrot at the end of the search engine stick, and when someone is looking for your business online, the amount and quality of the backlinks that point to it are going to have a huge part in determining how easily your specific site is found. A backlink can be defined as any link that refers to your site from another website. The problem, however, is that Google and other online search companies have become wise to businesses whose strategy is to simply flood the Internet with pages upon pages of links that point to their site just because. These “low-quality” backlinks are now seen as SEO poison.

The best way to get rid of these bad backlinks is to make sure you’re encouraging high-value backlinks, from relevant pages. The most important think about your backlinks is that they have to come from pages that actually have something in common with your business. If backlinks are coming to your site from other pages that are completely irrelevant, the search engines will notice. These bad backlinks don’t do anything for your search results, and by encouraging more legitimate backlinks you can start to scrub the bad ones right off the Internet.

If you’ve got more of these useless links than you really know what to do with, there are plenty of ways to hire a back link removal service to take care of the problem for you. This will cost you an extra bit of money, but will guarantee that the job is done very thoroughly. Google even now offers a service, known as Disavow, that business owners can use to erase the relationship between their sites and the disreputable ones that were providing unnecessary backlinks to them. No matter what you do to erase the bad backlinks that exist, the best strategy is always to build a better network of backlinks to your site, as it’ll help a lot more than the bad ones will hurt.