‘FreshBooks’ Takes Accounting to the Cloud

It’s not that hard for small business owners to find accounting apps to manage their professional finances. There are a slew of open source and free options out there that offer a wide range of functions to suit your every need. But some are definitely better than others. And if you happen to be an independent contractor that runs your business from home, for example, your software requirements may be very different from a small business owner than operates a brick-and-mortar location with several employees. You need programs that are innovative and all-encompassing, that make your life easier by providing insightful solutions and connecting to a variety of complimentary applications. And there is one app for Apple devices that fits the bill admirably.

You may already be familiar with FreshBooks thanks to their renowned website, and you may even have tried their previous app, MiniBooks that allowed you to connect to your online account via mobile devices. However, they now offer the ‘FreshBooks Cloud Accounting’ application, a mobile counterpart to their website, as a way for users to gain all the functionality provided by their site, as well as connectivity to myriad other applications through cloud networking. Here’s what the average small business owner can expect when using the app.

Most of the features are pretty straightforward and utilitarian. Users will enjoy the ability to create and send out invoices, keep a list of client contacts, and accept online payments through PayPal, credit cards, echecks, and by other means. In addition you can track costs in order to create expense reports for clients, as well as note work time for those that require a breakdown of billing. There is even an option to create team timesheets so that you can track the work of any subcontractors you might hire for demanding projects. In short, the app helps you to track absolutely anything you might want to get paid for. You can also follow account activity, including money coming and going, and create up to 20 different reports that may be necessary when filing business taxes. And all of this comes in easy-to-navigate software that is simple enough for the layperson to use.

It gets even better thanks to cloud functionality that allows you to back up all of your data in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere. In addition, FreshBooks has partnered with more than 70 other app developers to provide users with access to all kinds of solutions that small business owners will find useful. FreshBooks Cloud Accounting is compatible with project managers like Basecamp, office suites like Google Apps, e-commerce platforms like Shopify, and email marketing services like Constant Contact. In total they boast affiliation with more than 70 cloud-based applications that can help a business like yours.

You will have to create a FreshBooks account online to begin with. But you can start with a 30-day free trial and continue to use the software for free if you have no more than three clients. Or you can pay $19.95 per month for up to 25 clients, $29.95 for unlimited clients, or $39.95 for all of this plus team member access to accounts. The app itself is free to download. So before you type in a search for an accountant in Los Angeles or New York City, perhaps you’ll want to save a little money by trying to manage your accounts on your own. For the small business that’s tight on cash, it’s worth a shot.