Ford’s New App to Help You Plan a Great Date

There used to be a time when date night was pretty simple. If a guy really liked a girl and wanted to get to know her better, he would ask her out. If she liked him she would say “yes”, he would pick her up for dinner and a movie and then bring her home. Done.

These days, there are far more variables. The girl may ask the guy and not face-to-face or by phone, but on a social network or by text. Or, the person asked may not really be thinking, “This could turn into something special.” Instead, they are more in the lane of, “I mean, I’m not doing anything Saturday night. Why not?” As far as meeting up, sometimes people get picked up; more times, they meet at the venue (especially if it’s a first or second date). And dinner and a movie is still a classic, but the daring sometimes want more unpredictable options.

This is where Ford’s new app comes in. Early this year, in the effort to find more apps to integrate into their systems, Ford hosted a Developer Challenge at TechCrunch Disrupt (an annual event that they hold). The winner was, a website and app that was designed specifically to assist couples with finding things to do, within their city, while out on a date.

Currently, is in a beta testing phase and so if you go directly to the site, for the next 20 or so days, all you will see is a welcome page where you can enter in your email address in order to receive more information in the upcoming weeks. However, once the site is up and running, it, along with its sister site, will provide an easier way to plan a date, even if it’s on a last-minute whim.

So, what is Ford planning to do with the app? Simple. While you can go to the site or to your phone and find things to do while on a date, Ford’s idea is to take it one step further with convenience by making it easy for you to plan a date as you’re driving home from work, or perhaps even on your way to picking up your date. Currently, Ford is creating voice commands and interface elements that will make it easy for you to use the app while you’re driving.

Aside from helping you plan your “couple ventures”, will also provide you with other features. For instance, it will help you to find new “date places” that you may not be aware of in your city. It will also assist you with where you can go to connect with other couples. And, there is a feature that will allow you to store your “favorite dates”, so that you can return to them at another time.

Isn’t that cool? A lot of times, when we think of cars and websites, when think of ones like to purchase a vehicle or┬áto buy a car insurance policy. But now there will be one that will help you to plan a date while in your car.

Just a couple of more weeks until dating is made easier for you.

Just a few more months until you can drive and decide. Very cool, indeed