Top Internet Marketing Trends for 2012

The Internet is now a requirement, in terms of marketing. Any business not using the Internet to truly connect with its current and potential clients is truly missing out on one of the latest revolutions in advertising and marketing. It’s never been more possible to reach out directly to the individuals you want to frequent your business, and there have never been more ways to do so. While this is obviously a blessing, for some it can seem a bit overwhelming. How many social media channels does a business REALLY need? What is the future, and what’s going to fail to catch on? Should a brand devote resources to a Google+ campaign, only to have the network go the way of MySpace? The technical sphere can be confusing as it is, and involving your company’s marketing with the online world should be a well-developed strategy. We’ll talk about some of the current trends you’ll want to make sure you’re taking advantage of.

Visual content is key. With online social networks like Pinterest and Fancy gaining more and more traction, and Twitter continuing to emphasize its photo and video sharing capabilities, it’s becoming obvious that visual content is what everyone loves right now. Quotes set to an attractive image are particularly popular at the moment, so if your company has a way to attach this strategy to its marketing campaign, then it’s a smart one.

Sites like Pinterest and Fancy are allowing individuals and brands to curate visuals in a lifestyle-oriented way, but there are also networks like Instagram that are incredibly popular for photo sharing. Perfect for fan and community engagement, Instagram is a particularly good way to visualize the widespread appeal of your particular product or service.

Many are wondering whether or not Google+ is worth the attention, and the answer is yes and no. There is a fair degree of current uncertainty as to how much impact the network has on search results, but the implication is obvious: a good presence on Google+ will be nothing but a good thing for search results. It can also be a great way to network with your target audience, depending what it is. While Pinterest is primarily dominated by the ladies, Google+ is largely home to a male population.

Video is the final piece of the puzzle for many businesses. Arguably, video has never been easier to produce, and if you can come up with a simple, yet clever and direct ad, then you might very well be the next Dollar Shave Club (Google search the name to see their hit commercial). A viral video is worth its weight in gold (so to speak), and if you can come up with something that creates a stir, your business will reap the benefits.

There are a ton of strategies to employ for your business, and a simple, localized Google search for something along the lines of “internet marketing Birmingham” will help you find a consultant or firm in your area. Whatever method you choose, it’s important to take advantage of the many ways you can use the internet to connect and create relationships with your customers.