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  • iGrade not Just for Teachers

    There are all kinds of mobile tools designed to help teachers connect with students and track their progress in the classroom. Some allow for class discussions in the online arena while others provide a platform for students to turn in digital papers and see posted grades. And iGrade offers a slew of tools that help […]

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  • Gangnam Style Video Collections

    Everyone knows what Gangnam Style is, right? It is a Korean music video that becomes a viral video on YouTube. And as of this posting has 284,596,139 views. According to Wikipedia, it is a 2012 K-pop single by Korean musician PSY. It has been highly praised for its humorous, catchy rhythm, and PSY’s unusual dance moves in the music […]

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  • Sony to Launch Smaller and Lighter PlayStation 3

    Dominance in the video game market has always been hotly contested. Since the days of Atari various computer engineers have tested their wits, each determined to come up with the most addictive games and sleekest consoles. In recent years, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have passed the baton back and forth, with each company’s latest iterations […]

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  • iRecycle Greens Your Garbage

    The green movement makes it sound like adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is easy, and the truth is that it’s not so difficult to implement changes in your life that will reduce your carbon footprint. What’s difficult is looking at how you live objectively and spotting the many ways in which pollution and waste are inherent […]

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  • Nintendo Wii U to Be Region-Locked

    Computer technology evolves rapidly, and while most techie fans praise faster operating speed, clearer graphics and better software, the other evolution that is always well received is portability. Everything is getting smaller, from bulky desktop computers, to slim laptops to tablets the size of a magazine. The same goes for HDTV units and smartphones. The […]