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  • A 3D Printer That Helps Pick High End Handcuff Security Locks

    If you think printers are just for printing pages of paper, you’re far behind the latest advancements. You can now find 3D printers that are capable of producing everything from new blood vessels to replacement jaws to handcuff keys. While the technology behind 3D printing could vastly improve physical disabilities and ailments among other helpful […]

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  • Taiwan Teen Dies After 40-Hour Diablo 3 Gaming Binge

    It’s never natural for a child to die before their parents., yet it’s especially tragic when it happens due to something that seems like it could have been avoided. This is probably what was on a lot of people’s minds after reading the sad story of Chaung (no last name was given)—an 18-year-old young man […]

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  • Apple Apps Store Adds a Food and Drink Section

    Can’t decide what to cook for dinner? Need a good restaurant nearby? Can’t figure out how to perfectly grill those steaks you bought? Looking for tips on a refreshing summer cocktail? You already know there are apps for all of that; in fact, there are over 650,000 apps for that. Now the Apple app store […]

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  • Survey Shows Corporate Evolution Towards Social Business

    The emergence and expansion of social media has vastly changed the way people interact with each other. Huge announcements are made online, milestones are celebrated, new connections are made and older ones strengthened, all on a myriad of popular websites. Major corporations are usually slower to adopt to new methods than the general public, but […]

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  • PadMapper Finds a Legal Work Around to Craigslist

    Looking for a place to rent? Of course there is an app for that and that app has gotten in to a little trouble recently with Craigslist. Though Craigslist is completely free to use, they still have to fight others’ illegal use of their listings. Last month Craigslist had to send the creator of housing […]

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  • Rumor Has It: Sony Planning to Release New Slim PS3

    Gamers, put down your controllers, turn off your Xbox, and look away from the computer screen; if you’ve been wishing there was a smaller PS3 available to squeeze into your gaming area, you just might be in luck. A new and even slimmer PS3 may be in the works to feed your gaming addiction. Nearly […]

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  • Top 5 Public Relations Tips for Handling a Crisis

    You know, there used to be a time (not too long ago, actually) when public relations teams were mostly used to help to create a lot of the imaging that celebrities and corporations needed. Now, for better or for worse, thanks to social media, video phones and YouTube, a lot of what they do is […]

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  • TED Releases Books App for iPhone and iPad

    The creator of the widely popular web videos TEDTalks is expanding their focus into digital books now with TED Books, a new application for the Apple iOS. According to founder Chris Anderson, he’s starting what books should be in the digital world. TED Books they hope will create the same viral inspiration the web videos […]

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  • Concept Clothing That Can Charge Your Devices

    It’s a Friday night and you’re only halfway in to your night out with friends when your phone starts chiming because you only have 15% battery power left and you’re nowhere near a charger. In our device-addicted society, this is a moment of anxiety for many. Soon, that may not be a problem anymore. Charging […]

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  • The First Social Media Olympics

    Do you remember the days when we sat in front of the television to watch Olympic events for hours on end? Plus, if you missed a particular win, you had to wait for the news to cover it? Long gone are those days. Thanks to social media, for many of us, the upcoming Olympics are […]