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  • Ringbow Offers Next Generation Gaming Controls

    Gaming has come a long way since Atari and NES. No longer do gamers even need those bulky controls to interact with their favorite games. Gaming consoles that detect the player’s movement have eradicated the need for a controller completely with some systems. Smartphones and tablet devices are the next generation of gaming consoles and […]

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  • Apple Fails to Block Launch of Samsung Galaxy S3

    Pundits are saying that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most anticipated mobile device launch of 2012, which has got to stick in Apple’s craw, considering that the long-awaited iPhone 5 is supposed to hit store shelves sometime this year (although the preeminent tech developer has yet to announce a release date). Of course, Samsung […]

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  • Fertitta Interactive launching online Ultimate Gaming

    Fertitta Interactive LLC on Tuesday announced it will launch its real-money and social gaming company, Ultimate Gaming, an online gaming business it has been developing since its October acquisition of CyberArts Licensing LLC. “We view it as a global opportunity,” Tom Breitling, chairman of Fertitta Interactive, said during an hour-long presentation . “We believe the […]

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  • How Internet Real Estate Is About to Change

    Nearly every industry has found ways to use the internet to their advantage, creating websites to sell their goods and services, starting blogs to spread information and offer added value to interested parties, and setting up profiles on social networking sites as a way to reach targeted demographics. And over time the landscape of the […]