5 Reasons Not to Freak Over Panda

Internet marketers complain about how Google’s Panda ruined their rankings. They act as if Panda was more like a Grizzly; devouring their sites with an insatiable hunger. But Panda was created for one purpose and that was not to do away with your site’s rankings. Panda was produced by Google to help seekers find what they were looking for. Google, as a search engine, wanted customers to be able to discover the highest quality, freshly updated sites to give them solutions to their questions. Panda was generated so that Google could do its job better. Why would you be afraid of something like that? Here are five reasons that true internet marketers shouldn’t freak over Panda.

1. Panda loves niches – Broad ideas are just that: broad. Panda likes to find precise information. Who cares if you chat about the newest iPhone? If you don’t have something fresh to offer, then Panda will shove you aside for someone who does. Just because it’s the first time you’ve written about it doesn’t mean it’s the first time it has been written on. Make your post exceptional. Focus in on something definite and bring Panda skulking back.

2. Panda loves opinions – Facts, statistics, and news are almost always recycled. Unless you’re a reporter or a researcher, you have no new facts to give. So don’t depend on facts! Your opinion is worth more than a hundred numbers to Panda, so provide it. You’re not the first person in the word to have that attitude, and you may find that Panda adores people who think like you do. So, preach away!

3. Panda loves updates – If you have a site and you want to keep it alive then you post with some regularity. True internet marketers know that having long breaks between posts means losing customers, so is it any marvel that one of Panda’s search criteria is how recently a site has been updated? If your site is something you love and look after, the update frequency shouldn’t be an concern for you.

4. Panda loves links – Now, I have to elucidate this. I’m not speaking about a link-plugged post that’s illegible to average human beings. I’m also not speaking about an article on technology that has a link to a porn site. I’m talking actually functional and worthwhile links. Something that a person would truly click on for supplementary information. That’s what will get your Google ranking back up.

5. Panda loves new content – No one desires to read the same thing again and again. If you’re just bootlegging articles from other sites, otherwise known as plagiarism, then Panda’s going to kill your rankings. Panda needs to uncover original things, not the identical article on twenty-five different sites. If you write valuable, innovative content, then Panda shouldn’t disquiet you.

To summarize, a true internet marketer has nothing to fear from Panda. It’s really just a teddy bear. As long as you are practicing what you preach, you’ll be fine. Make sure you have new content, genuine links, and write things that people would truly desire to read. The best way is often the simplest. Don’t try to scam Google. Just write right.