Using Sprout Social for Social Media Management

These days social media use and management is imperative for any business looking to move into the online and/or mobile arenas in an effort to reach a broader audience, connect with consumers in a new and exciting way, track their marketing efforts, and improve their brand image. But it’s not quite as simple as signing up for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. The social media landscape is comprised of a complex network of interconnected parts. And while most of the gears in the social media machine are outside your control (from the whim of users to the restrictions put in place by social networking platforms), there are certain steps you can take in order to successfully manage your social media efforts and make the most of this new form of communication. Sprout Social is one essential tool you should add to your arsenal.

According to their website, Sprout Social exists to help their clients “get real value from their social efforts”, and along those lines they offer all kinds of services. Their big claim to fame is that they seamlessly integrate multiple social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, amongst others) into one easy-to-manage program. In much the same way as Trillium puts all of your instant messengers in one hub so that you can communicate with contacts across a variety of messaging services; Sprout Social compiles information from all of your social media accounts in one place for easy access.

In essence, it allows you to monitor the impact of your social media marketing efforts. Not only does this program provide information and analytics pertaining to your many social profiles, but it also allows you to manage your social media infrastructure. For example, you can publish updates to all of your social media platforms simultaneously and set a single schedule to manage across multiple networks. You can also use the software to manage your social media efforts by updating objectives and timelines and distributing tasks to your social networking team (no more missed communications or crossed wires when it’s all in one place). And of course you can monitor your progress through a variety of reports (demographics, popular posts, even competitor comparisons), participate in the social networking process, and even use the system to generate leads. Talk about a program that does it all.

With one comprehensive interface, a business can virtually track the growth of its brand image in the social media sphere through a simple dashboard that comes complete with visual aids. No longer do you need to hop from one program to the next to gather analytics or keep up with customers. You might think that Google, Facebook, and Twitter Software are somehow better suited to tracking individual analytics, but the truth is that Sprout Social is even better because it allows you to follow them all at once, saving you tons of time and providing instant comparisons. So if you’re seeking software that helps you to manage your social media efforts in a manner that is effective, efficient, and eminently accessible, Sprout Social can help you to cover all of your bases and minimize the time you spend attending to your social media needs.

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  1. Thanks so much for your review of Sprout Social, Joell! Appreciate you sharing the Sprout Love with your readers. 

    Brittany Morse
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