Too Many Daily Deal Sites?

One of the more recent web trends is the abundance of sites offering coupons or deals on a wide ranging assortment of products and services. From discount dinners, to gym memberships, even half price coupons on Botox, daily deal sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon have become enormously popular. They allow consumers to try out new brands, or save on their favorites. But have daily deal sites hit a wall?

This past week, the share price for stock in Groupon dropped 15%, hinging on the news that the company posted a $42M loss in the last quarter of 2011. And while more and more people are taking advantage of these services, it seems that the quantity of daily deal sites may be proving they can’t keep up the buzz. Are all daily deal sites in for a similar fate.

There seems to be evidence that specializing is the key to these sites’ survival. Many deal sites have shuttered, because they just can’t remain competitive with the massive scale and popularity of the national sites. And while LivingSocial and Groupon continue to work, sites that focus on smaller groups are holding on to their competitive advantage. Niche marketing, with a distinct appeal in specific markets, will allow these smaller companies to continue. It is also less expensive for smaller sites to pick up new users, as they can redefine their offerings based on the response metrics they receive from their consumer base. The advice here is to not try and do what LivingSocial and Groupon are doing. They’ve got the backing and the reach to hold a competitive advantage over any smaller, non-niche daily deal site, despite their announced recent losses.

So where to go to shop for those daily deals you’ve come to expect? You’ll find no shortage of narrower-focused websites that offer coupons on dining, fashion, or events in your neck of the woods. But there’s a host of specific sites that you can work with to customize your digital coupon cutting. Here’s a couple of great examples.

For the wine connoisseur, sites such as Lot 18, WinesTilSoldOut, and Cinderella Wine offer deals that often approach as much as 50% off retail prices, while giving recommendations from noted wine experts.

For all the guys in your life, sites like Urban Daddy Perks, ManDeals and Group Dudes push everything from cars, to technology, to brewery trips and luxury camping experiences. And for the ladies, there’s Wahanda and CoupTessa, focued on spas, massage, mani-pedi combos, and the all-important waxing trips.

For mom there’s sites such as Mamapedia, and CertifiKid, giving you the best deals on lessons for your children, gear for the baby, and the hottest toys.

And for the green buyer, there’s Natural Buys and EcoBabyBuys, discounting the best environmentally conscious children’s clothes and all natural cleaning products.

Whether you’re hunting for promotional codes for Old Navy, discount deals on classic cars, or promo codes for Puritan’s Pride, you can still find deep discounts on daily deal sites. But explore the niche focused sites alongside the big boys, because these small resources may outlast those bigger, general offerings.