Top 10 iPhone Apps that Benefit Small Business

Every small business can benefit from hopping aboard the mobile technology bandwagon, and for those that prefer the iPhone, there are a ton of apps that are aptly applicable (not to mention affordable).  Here are the top ten you’ll definitely want to look into.

  1. MiniBooks.  FreshBooks made this app to sync with their web software and while it is a bit pricy at $14.99, it offers a lot of tracking options that are essential to your business.  You can use it to manage client contacts, invoices, expenses, and even time.  In short, it’s a great all-around business tool that you can tote along anywhere.
  2. Expensify.  You’ll get the idea right off the bat when you read the slogan of this free app: “expense reports that don’t suck”.  Rather than saving receipts for everything (including cash purchases) you can scan receipts, log cash purchases, and track mileage, not to mention linking the app to your credit or debit account to easily see what you’ve spent.  Your accountant will love you.
  3. Square.  Anyone that takes credit cards as a form of payment should be aware of this free app (which also comes with a free credit card reader to plug into your iPhone).  Unlike other card readers, which require you to pay for hardware in addition to fees on every purchase (that go to the bank that provides the service as well as the credit card companies), this reader comes with a flat 2.75% fee on every swipe and the money from each transaction is deposited into your business account the next day.
  4. Dropbox.  This free app is a must since it syncs your computer and iPhone so that you can access all of your files from anywhere, whether you’re running Windows, Mac, or Linux.  File sharing and backup are also handy features.
  5. Trillian.  Those who have long loved the computer version of this multi-platform chat program will likely enjoy the expansion opportunities offered by the free mobile app.  Stay connected to employees and associates across IMs and even social networks like Facebook throughout the day and save on SMS costs, to boot.
  6. Easy Task Manager.  There are plenty of to-do list managers for the iPhone, but this free app is super easy to use (as advertised) and it syncs up with multiple computers to coordinate.
  7. Scanner pro.  Turn your phone into a mobile scanning device that makes all your documents instantly electronic (and ready to send with options to photoshop your doc to perfection).  At $6.99 the price isn’t too steep, and the ability to instantly make hard copies digital on the go can be priceless.
  8. QuickOffice Pro.  If you’d like to have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint options on your smart phone, this $14.99 app is just the ticket.  And the addition of the cloud to the Pro version means easier transfer and sharing of files.  Basically, create and edit docs on the go.  ‘Nuff said.
  9. SurePayroll.  Business owners that are often out of the office will love this app that allows them to get employees, contractors, and vendors paid on time and from anywhere with the click of a button.  Sync up with the online accounting software of the same name to calculate wages and approve the payroll remotely.
  10. Franchise Analyzer Pro.  Your small business venture has to start somewhere, so if you’re looking for franchise opportunities to help you get started or expand your professional horizons, this freebie allows you to compare over 2,500 franchises (including details like services, costs, and fees) and even dial them directly for more information.

Sandra Valenz is a contributing writer for WaterCooler World where you can find franchise opportunities throughout the UK.