Soda’s Evil Twin [Infographic]

Most parents limit or prohibit their children from drinking soda, and find other healthier ways to satisfy their kids’ cravings. Many turn to fruit drinks and juices, but most fruit drinks are simply sodas in disguise. Less than half of the fruit drinks on the market contain any real juice, and the they often have even more calories than a can of Coke. So why do so many children have access to it?

According to this graphic by Health Science, the beverage companies are behind it. Check out the graphic below to see how fruit drinks are equally bad (if not worse) than soda and how companies are having so much success at targeting today’s children.

Soda's Evil Twin
Created by: Health Science

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  1. joeylianndiaz says:

    Is this true? After reading this inforgraphic, I'm having second thoughts grabbing a juice drink now! That's creepy!

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