How to Land a Tech Job [Infographic]

I’ve always thought how awesome it would be to work for some of the big names in technology like Google or Apple. Well, it’s evident that I’m not the only one that daydreams about that. With the rising force of technology and social media, young professionals are flocking from everywhere to land their dream job with one of today’s tech powerhouses.

According to this graphic by Masters Degree, less than 1 in every 250 applicants will ever get a job at Google. Similar statistics hold true for companies like Facebook and Apple.

The good news is that this graphic also illustrates some skills that might be able to set you apart from the hundreds and thousands of other applicants looking to land that tech job.

Tech Job
Created by: Masters Degree

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  1. As a tech-newbie/dabbler planning a move to San Francisco, I have to say this is a very encouraging article! My contacts in Silicon Valley tell me Ruby on Rails is one to focus on. Any other languages we should focus on learning over others?

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