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  • Where Tech is Born [Infographic]

    Some of the most innovative ideas have resulted from creative approaches and unexpected combinations. Much of today’s technology can be owed to the inventors and creators that successfully stepped out of their comfort zones to take risks. While it doesn’t always work out accordingly to plan, our world would look a lot different today (and […]

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  • Never Leave Home Again [Infographic]

    Could a human-being live a functional life without ever leaving their house? Not that anyone would actually want do that, but it’s certainly possible. This infographic by College At Home illustrates how much of life’s necessities can essentially be taken care of without ever leaving the computer. While I still love the outdoors, being connected […]

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  • Increase in Seniors on Facebook

    Unfortunately for many teens addicted to social networking, it seems there is now more to worry about than Mom spotting the party pics your friends posted on Facebook over the weekend (prompting a diatribe about how those kids are “no good”).  With more and more senior citizens finding their way into the social media sphere […]

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  • Cheaters [Infographic]

    The concept of cheating isn’t new – we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Furthermore, with the help of today’s technology and the wealth of information available online, I think we can all agree that cheating is now easier than ever. This infographic by Online Masters Degree illustrates who’s cheating, how often […]

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  • What is E-Discovery?

    You’ve no doubt heard of forensics (aren’t there about twenty different CSI, NCIS, and Law & Order shows circulating the air waves at this very moment, chock full of them?). These are the scientific tools and processes used by law enforcement to gather evidence in order to solve crimes

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  • Media Consumption [Infographic]

    I browse Facebook throughout most my work day and spend most of my evenings watching TV. I’m also an adult Millennial (age between 18-29). Not very surprising, right? Well, it turns out that my dad could very well be browsing his Facebook (yes, he has one) while at work too. This infographic illustrated by MBA […]