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  • Google+ Suffers Dip in Visits, Time Spent on Site

    For those who don’t believe that technology is turning over at an increasingly rapid rate, let Google+ serve as an example to you.  Launched just one month ago, the invite-only service has nabbed an astonishing 10 million users in that time (that is the latest confirmed number, according to Google CEO Larry Page), although it […]

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  • Medical Paperwork: A Sick Cost [infographic]

    Yea. Let’s face it. Billions of dollars are spent on health care costs. But where’s all the money going? Exactly where all the paperwork is going: the shredder. This infographic from Medical Transcription highlights all the costs that goes into paperwork and where the resources are being allocated. It’s pretty freaking disgusting. Let’s hope Obama […]

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  • Apple Set to Launch OS X Lion and New MacBook

    Oh, ye lovers of all things Apple! If you were worried that you would have no new tech to spend your hard-earned money on until the new iPhone (5?) comes out later this year, fear not; it seems that Apple has a product launch up their sleeve for every quarter of the fiscal year and this month the consumer public will see not one, but two new products

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    It’s the biggest Globe Prepaid SMS offer to date! Now you can text any network unlimited and get 1 hour of mobile internet for 1 day, for only 25 pesos. With SUPERUNLIALLTXT25, you can send all the text messages you want to your friends using Globe, TM, Smart, Talk ‘n Text, Sun and Red Mobile, […]

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  • Social Media in High School

    Whereas a few short years ago nobody had heard of a little college meet-and-greet website known as Facebook, you would now be hard-pressed to find a high school student that doesn’t boast at least one Facebook page (if not several)

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  • How to fix "couldn't install on usb storage or sd card"

    I have experience this kind of problem on my HTC Desire Froyo Installation error Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card I look around the internet and most of the solutions to this kind of problem is delete smdl2tmp1.asec Where to find smdl2tmp1.asec on your phone. /sdcard/.android_secure – this is an invisible folder on your SD […]

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  • The State of The Internet.. Now!

    Think about it. With us, Facebook and the recent Google+, do not exist. They’ve created a working economy because of our status updates, our eagerness to connect to our friends and new people. So where does it all stand now? Take a look at this interactive infographic shows the state of the Internet and where […]