Lady Gaga and FarmVille

Lady Gaga and FarmVille: Unlikeliest Pair in Cyberspace

These days, Lady Gaga is everywhere.  When she’s not busy performing at award shows, giving advice to American Idol contestants, or crashing Amazon servers with the 99-cent sale of her latest album, she’s making her mark on FarmVille.  Wait, what?!  That’s right.  As unlikely as it may sound, Lady Gaga has implausibly decided to expand her purview in the world of social networking with a trip to the farm.  And if you thought your favorite Facebook game couldn’t benefit from a makeover by Lady Gaga, perhaps you haven’t fully considered the potential of a little Gaga in the online gaming galaxy.

The pairing between Gaga and FarmVille creator Zynga started with disaster relief in March of this year, when the two teamed up to raise money for Japan after a massive earthquake rocked the island nation.  Since then, speculation has abounded about a possible tie-in.  And as of May 17th, Zynga launched GagaVille as an adjacent property to their wildly popular game FarmVille, providing users with an opportunity to bedazzle their farms and gain some Gaga-rific extras in the process.

As a way to explain the pairing to FarmVille players, Zynga uploaded a video to YouTube (go to the site and search for “GagaVille: Lady Gaga Goes to FarmVille” to see the video).  The hilarious advertisement features farm workers expounding upon the virtues of Gaga and how she saved their crops by spreading “love and acceptance”.  And the sight of a middle-aged man sporting guy-liner and a bejeweled watering can as a hat (while stroking a pink-haired horse named Candy) will give you a good idea of the Gaga effect.

But what will you actually see when you enter GagaVille?  In fact, it is just a bling-tastic version of the game you already know and love.  But instead of growing cash crops, you’ll grow actual cash, in the form of diamonds, crystals, and other gems.  In addition, Gaga’s version of the farm comes with unicorns and motorcycles, all in keeping with the theme of her new album, Born This Way, which was released just yesterday.  Want to engage in blingy horse barn designs?  Or how about growing crystalized crops?  Perhaps you’d like to dress up your barnyard animals in studded leather?  Gaga provides the solution.

Although those who sign up for GagaVille now will not benefit from previews of the album (since it is already out), they can still take part in associated giveaways.  Those who purchase a $25 Zynga game card at Best Buy will get Gaga’s new album free, and anyone who plays Words With Gaga (a spinoff of Words With Friends) can try to win tickets to her concert tour or a signed album (you can find Gaga’s word of the day on her Facebook page).

In addition, those who sign up for GagaVille can still listen to songs from her new album as well as get limited edition Gaga items via RewardVille to use in related Zynga games.  However, some of the promotions associated with this pairing won’t last long, so if you’re interested in the giveaways, you may want to sign up sooner rather than later.  But even if you miss out on some extra bling for your farm, you can still enjoy the shiny world of GagaVille, complete with crystalized sheep, purple-haired ponies, and diamond-encrusted pears.


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  1. The funny part is that Little Monsters can't complain cuz we know Mother Monster is crazy and the fact that she's doing this makes me giggle. She can do whateve the fuck she wants and we'll always be surprised at what she does. I swear she is the Queen of the Unexpected. Love it.

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