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  • Lady Gaga and FarmVille

    These days, Lady Gaga is everywhere. When she’s not busy performing at award shows, giving advice to American Idol contestants, or crashing Amazon servers with the 99-cent sale of her latest album, she’s making her mark on FarmVille.

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  • iPad Factory Explosion

    Ever since Apple launched the iPad 2 back in March (with upgrades like front- and rear-facing cameras to whip the consumer public into a buying frenzy), the new and improved tablet has been flying off the shelves

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  • LinkedIn IPO Causes Debate

    Is there a bigger buzz word in today’s technophile economy than ‘Social Media?’ The social networking movement, spearheaded by industry giant Facebook, has taken on enormous steam and in boardrooms across the world with each asking how they can

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  • Marriage Proposal at Theaters

    Marriage Proposal 1 Marriage Proposal 2 Matt wanted to make a big splash when he asked his girlfriend Ginny to marry him. So he hired Atlanta wedding photographer/videographer Michael Escobar, and the two men created a dramatic and clever movie trailer that would lead up to a surprising (and very public) proposal. -from Mashable   […]

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  • Vivendi Deal Expands AnyClip Library

    It used to be that when you wanted to see a clip from a movie (like the final shootout in Scarface or the iconic image of Phoebe Cates climbing out of the swimming pool in her red bikini in Fast Times at Ridgemont High) you had to go to YouTube

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  • Male nurses, the unsung heroes!

    Though male nurses make up a small minority of the nursing population, they manage to be the butt of a majority of its jokes. Illustrating some statistics and comical stereotypes, Online Nursing Schools presents this humorous infographic as a recognition and tribute to all the male nurses out there!

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  • Social Media Movie Promotion

    Think about how many commercials you watch since you got your DVR; not too many, most likely. Now that you can record NCIS, Modern Family, and Glee and fast-forward through commercials rather than zoning out every five minutes, you’re missing out on all the latest movie trailers.

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  • 5 Great Websites for Design Inspiration

    Some people are born chock-full of creativity, while others don’t seem to have a creative bone in their bodies. For those of us who are a bit lacking when it comes to the muse-like powers of imagination, there are plenty of options for help thanks to the worldwide web

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  • ZAGGsparq 2.0

    Let’s face it, your world runs on batteries. It’s batteries that keep you on time and up to date with everything that is important to you. So why should your world be limited to the capacity of one tiny little battery?