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  • Amazon Sales Up 40%

    Despite the fact that we’re in a recession, retailers saw a major boost over the holiday season, especially those who operate online and without the expense of a storefront. Many businesses were hoping for a stellar last quarter of 2010 to offset poor sales earlier in the year

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  • Twitter’s Worth: $4 Billion (and Counting)

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that Twitter is a hot commodity. After being endorsed by celebrities, frequented by the teen demographic, and proving a popular supplement to Facebook (even faster message dissemination), Twitter has become synonymous with current trends in social networking.

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  • Steve Jobs Takes another Leave of Absence

    Tech guru Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and the man considered largely responsible for their ongoing success, has once again announced that he will be taking a leave of absence. You may remember that he took similar leave in 2004 due to the finding of a cancerous tumor in his pancreas