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  • Gmail Users Get Free Phone Calls Through 2011

    Users of Gmail’s calling feature will be happy to hear that the online giant has decided to extend free calling through 2011. Google’s Gmail has long been of the most popular webmail services on the internet, and has continued to add new features in an attempt to further solidify the service’s position. The Google Voice feature was implemented into the webmail service in August 2010

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  • Facebook Announces First Hacker Cup

    According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg, the term “hack” that is liberally splashed across a giant wall in Facebook HQ is used not with a negative connotation (as in, those who illegally hack other computers and networks for the purposes of causing malicious damage), but rather in the highbrow sense

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  • Google’s New Location-Based Marketing Platform

    Don’t get too excited, the newest program in a long line of potential offerings from Google is still in the testing phase. Google Hotspots is not only a platform for local businesses to market themselves to their surrounding area, it is also a social networking service that allows customers to both rate and review the places they love