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  • The New Google Hotpot

    Keeping with the growing trend of social networking and online activity based on real-world locations, Google has unveiled a new recommendation engine known as Hotpot. The new engine shows users different locations they may searching for

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  • Facebook's New Data Center

    Social media behemoth Facebook has announced its intentions to build a new data center in North Carolina, which is estimated to cost the company nearly half a billion dollars. The new center, which is slated to be built near Forest City

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  • Google Instant Previews

    Google recently announced the debut of Google Instant Previews, something that differs greatly from their Google Instant feature, which was premiered a few months ago. While the original Google Instant allows you to see search results as you type

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  • Conan Returns to Late Night

    Those who lamented the loss of the red-headed bean-pole lovingly dubbed “Coco” after his previous iterations as the host of NBC’s Late Night and briefly, The Tonight Show will be happy to hear that he has returned to late-night television as the host