Blog Posts that Get Attention

Blog Posts That Are Sure to Get You Comments and Attention

Posting for a blog can be hit or miss.  Not only is it hard to come up with topics to wow your readership and keep them coming back for more, it’s very difficult to do it day in and day out over the course of time.  Even if you have a lot of knowledge pertaining to your subject of choice and the passion and enthusiasm to devote hours to the cause each day (researching, writing, making your pages all pretty and flowery, etc.), you will no doubt find yourself mired by an inability to consistently come up with posts that are edgy and engaging.  And over time, this can prompt readers to wander to competing blogs.  Since this is the last thing you want to see after investing so much time and effort into your blog, you may need to spice things up a bit if you want to continue to enjoy an avid fan-base.  So if you find yourself lagging and out of ideas, try one of these simple solutions to bring in the readers and stimulate conversation on your blog.

Start a feud.  Everyone gets riled up by other people and you are no exception.  So use your blog as a forum to air your grievances.  That will definitely get the attention of your readers (and no doubt some others, as well).  From there, you should publicly call for your adversary to come on your blog and address your complaints.  This kind of topical feuding has a story-like quality that will keep readers checking in, at least for awhile, until the episode is resolved.  Nothing draws a crowd like the possibility of a good fight (from playgrounds to bars to boxing rings, this sad aspect of societal interaction cannot be disputed) and you can use this to your advantage.

Say something crazy, but true.  Making bold claims is a great way to catch a reader’s eye, but only if you can back them up with actual evidence.  The great thing about the internet is that you can really say anything, whether it’s true or not (um, ever heard of Shirley Sherrod?), but your readers will quickly lose interest if they find you’re yanking their chain (or outright lying).  So try not to offer up shocking statistics or bold testimonials that have nothing to do with reality.

Voice a controversial opinion.  Are you strongly opposed to Prop. 8?  Do you feel that America should send more troops into Iraq rather than removing them?  Is violence in the media destroying our youth?  Controversy is an excellent way to fuel conversation since everyone has an opinion.  Of course, you are bound to get some complaints, but you will likely notice that even those who disagree with you will return to your site.

Use good graphics.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe an awesome graphic is worth a thousand readers.  The truth is, people’s minds are stimulated in many different ways, and while your content may be killer, it can almost certainly be enhanced by some eye-popping graphics.

Pose a question.  Nobody likes to feel like they’re being talked at, and blogging offers an excellent forum for people to not only gather information, but become part of the discussion.  So encourage your readers to participate in the learning process by asking them questions pertaining to your posts.  Getting them involved will hold their attention and help them to form an emotional investment in your blog.

Dana Livingston is a writer for culinary arts schools where you can browse schools and the latest trends in the culinary arena.