iPad: The Future of Reading for Kids

Whether you like it or not, your kids are growing up in an era where utilizing the rapidly expanding palette of technology is practically second nature.  And while you view books as a necessary and nostalgic method of gathering information or enjoying entertainment, your children have developed newer, better, faster ways of digesting literature.  The younger generation has embraced e-readers wholeheartedly, and if you want your kids to partake of a long and valuable literary tradition, you’re going to have to get on board with future of reading: the iPad.

image from Apple.com

As e-readers go, the iPad is superior to others (like Amazon’s Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook) for several reasons.  For starters, it has a bigger screen.  Parents who are worried about the adverse effects of staring at a monitor for an extended period of time (eye strain, headaches, etc.) should be mollified somewhat by the fact that larger text can easily fit on the 25-centimeter display.  And of course, iBooks can be downloaded from the iTunes store directly to the iPad, offering a wide selection and great prices that are just a click away.  The nice thing is, these iBooks can be transferred to your computer for even larger viewing by downloading the files to your library folder or by simply using a dock connector or AV cable to jack the tablet into your computer monitor.

And of course, the best thing about the iPad, which gives you a lot more bang for your buck than the average e-reader, is all of the additional functionality.  Not only can your children eschew a bag full of heavy, back-breaking books in favor of the lightweight tablet, they can also use it to store all of their music, games, and even homework assignments.  Built-in Wi-Fi is another nice benefit as it allows your children to access the internet for purposes of email and information gathering.  And although the multi-touch display features excellent functionality, you can easily add an external keyboard to make typing easier.  So the iPad can also replace bulky laptops.

All in all, there is really no competition for the iPad from other e-readers.  Amazon certainly has a wide selection of literary materials available for purchase, but the iPad is quickly catching up.  And no other device offers as many options as Apple’s latest iGadget.  If you’re a bit squeamish about the price tag (which is, admittedly, steeper than others), just think about a future where your child has all of their reading materials within arm’s reach and any book is just a click away.  The fact that you are encouraging them to expand their mind, regardless of the method of consumption, should be enough to convince you that this little gadget is well worth the cost.

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