How to Vote during Election 2010

How to Vote during Election 2010?

Paano ba bumoto sa Eleksyon 2010?

That is the question!

Paano nga ba? Hehe..

I found a link to this very informative site galing sa site ni Sir Blogie

Below is a short guideline on how to vote for the upcoming election this 2010.

Sabi sa site nila you need three things para malaman mo kung paano ang paraan ng pagboto ngayon eleksyon 2010.

  1. Know your ballot
  2. Know the Automated Election Machine
  3. Source Code

Steps or Know How

  • Go to your precinct on May 10, 2010
  • Get your identity verified
  • How to use your ballot.

  1. Every voter gets only ONE ballot. No replacement ballots will be given to voters who make a mistake.
  2. Make sure the ballot you receive has no marks and is otherwise clean.
  3. Each ballot comes with the name of the candidates. To the left of the candidates are ovals. Simply shade the oval next to the name of the chosen candidate.
  4. The oval must be shaded COMPLETELY. Ballots with check marks, x marks, partially shaded ovals, and other marks will be regected.
  5. Do not over-vote (e.g. vote two candidates for the position of President) because this will invalidate your votes for the position (but not the whole ballot).
  6. You can bring a sheet of your chosen candidates with you when you vote.
  • Feed your ballot to the PCOS
  • Go to the BEI for indelible inking
  • Help keep Philippine Elections clean

Well, I hope the pictures and video on this article is enough to give you an idea on how to vote during the election.

Please visit for updates and more guidelines.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I was curious to know how to vote with automated machines. This is my first time voting in May 10. I wasn't able to vote in the previous elections. But now, I am thankful I am gonna be voting using the technology.

    1. no offense sir, but kandidato kayo pero ngyn lang kayo boboto? tpos wala rin po kyo idea kung pano ung process ng bagong voting system.. or you are just placing a linkback your site?

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