Ninja Saga Cheat

To all those who are playing ninja saga and looking for some cheats..

Update: August 11, 2010

TEAMjL proudly present Ninja Saga God Mode Hack Beta version 1.1.
This blog has been created for educational purposes only, I will not be held responsible for what you do with this information, you use it at your own risk.

Tutorial on how to use.
1.Download the Ninja Saga God Mode DOWNLOAD HERE
2.Select ‘Regular Download’. A survey will appear to verify that you are a human and not a bot, this is to protect the number of file downloads. We have to limit the number of download to 1000 only to avoid problems. Simply fill in a short free survey and then download the file.
After downloading Open your facebook account then go to your Ninja saga application
3.Open the Ninja saga hack v.1.1
4.Enter the amount of Gold and token you want
5.Reconnect you facebook for 2-3 minutes.
6.After 2-3 minutes waiting log in back
7 Viola.. you have now the money and token You want!


Ito na hinahanap nyo..

Ninja Saga Money Cheat

Requirements :

  1. Charles 3.4.1( Download Here )
  2. Browser ( FireFox)
  3. Brain (utak)

Please follow the steps below

  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Make sure you already downloaded charles.
  3. Now , open charles
  4. Now Buy Item that you want to sell
  5. Then Sell the Item you bought
  6. In Charles Expand the” > “amf/
  7. Now Right Click (CharacterDAO.sellitem)Select Repeat Advance
  8. Writet 10000 for iterations and 5 for concurrency.
  9. Now Leave it up for about 5 to 10minute
  10. When You Satisfied, Click “Option” > “Clear” to Save the GAME
  11. Done, Refresh the Game Now

Ninja Saga Level Cheat

Requirement :

  • Cheat engine 5.5
  • Browser ( Firefox )

You can only level up ONE level above your current level to avoid D/C & BAN OF ACCOUNT! WE WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GOT BANNED !

Please download this STEPS : Click Here

Steps :

  1. Go to Ninja Saga
  2. Don’t Choose your character Yet
  3. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 & choose firefox
  4. Make Sure the settings Are ( Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM )
  5. Scan “3B0008C25B5E0689
  6. 2 addresses should returned.
  7. Right click the 2nd address and choose “Disassemble this memory region
  8. Right click the selected code and choose “Toggle Break Point
  9. Go back to Ninja Saga, select character and click play.
  10. The game and browser will now freeze. ( For Easy Use , download the txt Steps because you cant read step at here while freezing )
  11. Now in Cheat Engine 5.5, click Debug > Run (TWO TIMES)
  12. At the right side is the Registers panel.
  13. Double click the EAX and change the value to your next level.
  14. The list of level values can be found below.
  15. Now right click the selected code (step 6) and select Toggle Break Point again (this is to unfreeze the game and browser)
  16. Click Debug > Run
  17. Viola !! Your new level will be reflected. Enjoy !

Values For Each lvl:
2 – 144
3 – 378
4 – 544
5 – 733
6 – No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
7 – 1000
8 – 1600
9 – 2600
10 – No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
11 – 3600
12 – 4600
13 – 5600
14 – 6600
15 – 7600
16 – 9000
17 – No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
18 – No Code Level up yourself without this cheat
19 – 11000
20 – 13000


Need other hacks or cheats? please leave a comment i’ll try to search the cheats for you


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  1. it is now working. . .
    please notify me if new one comes out thanks bro!!!

    1. zzzz says:

      no working,after all step i debug,it says loading error or connection fail

    2. sarah says:

      really? what did u use? cheat engine or charles?

  2. al says:

    hey! dude i cant successfully do it

    1. jlapitan says:

      have you tried using the latest hack?

      1. skaters says:

        IT is always not working i have tried so much but never succes please help me

        1. lol u says:


  3. haha says:

    damn this isnt working its just showing connection error

  4. dave gutierrez says:

    is these working?

    1. jlapitan says:

      i have not test this yet.. but i think the newest cheat posted this feb. is working…

  5. drain says:

    it is not workingggggg yaaa i tried many times but still erron failed awhhh what should i do guys any latset and effectect cheat over there

    1. jlapitan says:

      have you tried this… or search my site and type ninja saga



    1. jlapitan says:

      wala eh.. kpg meron post ko dito..

  7. mikel.. says:

    anu pong.. hack ang gumagana pa.? reply plzzzzzzzzz…

    1. christian says:

      bat di po gumagana yun charles proxy ayaw ma download pizz help me

  8. raf says:

    ASROM…where is it?in CE..

    1. Did says:

      Thats mean “also scan read only memory” so tick it

  9. jeph says:

    hi am just wondering kung nasaan ung sa "OPTION>CLEAR" wala kc ako makita sa charles e help nmn. parang nakuha ko n kung paano ung process.. parang duplication ng pagbebenta ng item.. un nga lang di ko makita ung option para maisave ko na at irefresh ung page.. Jeph from cavite

  10. sergs says:

    ani emil nyo

  11. lol says:

    money cheat doesn’t work!

  12. donald says:

    plsss make new one!!

  13. it doesn't work any more..the game have been patched..use it 30 mins before patch

  14. lol ka says:

    talolo mong tanan

  15. Mangap- says:

    Teu ngarti! 😀

    1. asa says:

      drew d muh kailngan ng emblem para mtpos muh ung jounin exam,,

  16. YALS says:

    pano yung token hacks?

  17. razzamanazz says:

    langya ilana bese na ako ng try sa 1 hit ko ndi nagana tae wala nalbas na ung weapon amf plzzz help me
    tyy… razzamanazz

  18. Do you have any updated cheats?

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    pre di ako maka download… pag click ko ng regular download, hanggang dun lang walang nalabas na option o survey….

  21. junetomenes says:

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    ang hirap naman gawen..

  23. Karl Cuevas says:

    wlang lumabas na survey bago i-download yung ninja saga god mode hack kaya ayaw ma-download.Pls Help Me

  24. rai says:

    dude how can i use the charles i cant see the breakpoint, when i download it show the "add, virusscan wizard etc.
    please share it……B):o

  25. hackerz says:

    can you give me any link of the GOD hack download>?. . the ninja saga hack v1.1??

    can you give me any link that don’t have surveys to be able to download it?

  26. rey bryan says:

    when i download the god mode there is no survey that appear pls help me……….:(

  27. rey bryan says:

    wlang lumabas na survey bago i-download yung ninja saga god mode hack kaya ayaw ma-download.Pls Help Me………

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    pre bkt hnd ako makapag download kpg binuksan mo ung regular download may lalabas na survey tps kpg pinidut mo kht anu sa survey list ang lumalabas valid information!!!!!! pano ba gagawi ko pre pra gumana???????


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    madali lang ba yan gusto ko ring matutu…^_^

  30. wah,
    artikel anda bagus sekali,dan sesuai dengan apa yang saya sangat butuhkan saat ini.
    saya akan kembali lagi laink kali untu membaca potingan anda yang lain, dan kunjungi juga blog saya cheat ninja saga

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  32. level 39

  33. yowweeee says:

    Hi guys i learned how to get Ninja Saga coins and tokens for free enjoy!! !

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