What Ubiquitous VoIP Means for Skype and Microsoft

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Video calls have been present in the movies for years and now, video chatting is catching up to current reality with voice-over-IP (VoIP) services like Skype and Google Chat. VoIP allows users to talk over the Internet instead of using phone lines and airways. This service creates the option of

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Delta Offers Free WiFi! (As Long As You Shop on Amazon)

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In this world of instant connectivity, travelers apparently feel that it’s just not fair that they have to silence their cell phones and give up free internet access when boarding a plane. Just look at the recent case of Alec Baldwin, who flew off the handle when a stewardess asked

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Treating Depression and Anxiety With a Cell Phone App?

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Many people suffer from social anxiety disorders or depression. But there may be hope for them, as soon they may be able to utilize their cell phones in order to help relieve some of the symptoms that plague them. Researchers at Northwestern University have been experimenting with a new app

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Google Wallet Updates the Way You Pay

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Google Wallet

Have you ever had one of those heart-stopping moments where you’re standing at a counter with purchases in hand and you reach for your wallet to pay, only to realize it’s not there?  You go through that moment of panic where you try to remember the last time you had

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Generation Mobile [Infographic]

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It’s a known fact that students these days can’t live without their cell phones, especially as more of them gain access to smart phones. But how bad are their cellphone habits? Well, according to an infographic by Hack College, almost 90% of students have no problem whipping out their phones

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San Francisco Cell Phone Law Put on Hold

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Remember when cigarette packages came without a warning from the Surgeon General?  Unless you’re over forty (or you started smoking pretty young) you probably don’t.  But at some point the government determined that cigarettes could be harmful to the health of its citizenry and so they required companies selling tobacco

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The Release of the New iPhone 4S

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What is an iPhone release without loads of conflicting predictions, projections, disagreements, and blatant falsities? Particularly with finding information about the release of the new iPhone, much of the information analysts were touting about the phone before its official release was simply not right. For instance, almost every tech website,

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The Rise of the Mobile Workforce

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Whether you’re an employer looking to cut staffing costs (but keep workers) or an employee who would rather avoid the long commute each day, utilizing the upswing in the mobile workforce to secure alternatives for employment

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Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Desire on Froyo

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Just a day before i buy a new phone, HTC desire, i still want to know whats the difference between these two phones, especially when running on Android 2.2 - Froyo

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iPhone Vs. Android: Nielsen Numbers

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From checking your Facebook to downloading music to using your step-by-step navigation system, Smartphone’s are giving consumers a reason to upgrade from their standard flip phones to a more technologically savvy device. According to statistics on the overall U.S. market,

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