Sergey Brin Admits Views on Internet Freedom Were Distorted

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The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has recently been more worried than in the past about the future of open access to the internet. In an interview with The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, Brin claimed that open and free access to information on the internet is threatened, with attackers forming

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5 Reasons Not to Freak Over Panda

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Internet marketers complain about how Google’s Panda ruined their rankings. They act as if Panda was more like a Grizzly; devouring their sites with an insatiable hunger. But Panda was created for one purpose and that was not to do away with your site’s rankings. Panda was produced by Google

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Google’s Self Driving Vehicle Takes a Blind Man to Taco Bell

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Science fiction has been readying us all for the day when your car will get you where you want to go with a single voiced command. Major progress is now being made that suggests this vision, previously confined to fiction, will soon someday be a fact. There’s been an awful

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3D Printing Ready to Change the World

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Imagine the world as it was twenty years ago, just as average Americans were tentatively exploring the internet; when cellular telephones could barely fit in your purse, let alone your pocket; and when paper spooled out of your printer on additional margins that you had to crease and tear off

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Delta Offers Free WiFi! (As Long As You Shop on Amazon)

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In this world of instant connectivity, travelers apparently feel that it’s just not fair that they have to silence their cell phones and give up free internet access when boarding a plane. Just look at the recent case of Alec Baldwin, who flew off the handle when a stewardess asked

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Internet Addicts Admit They Have a Problem

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The first step for any addict is admitting that there is a problem. Whether that issue revolves around an inability to say no to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or even shopping, one must first admit that the substance in question is controlling them, not the other way around. And you

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Google Will Add “Do-Not-Track” Button in Browser

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In case you weren’t yet aware, there is a lot of tracking software online following your every move, caching you keystrokes, browsing history, and other data that will allow commercial enterprises to more accurately target you for sales. This is not a fictional case of Big Brother or some kind

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Google Integrates Search with Google+

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Did you know that Google has its own answer to Facebook, the increasingly popular social networking site?  As long time competitors, Google has sought for years to find ways to combat Facebook’s influence on consumers.  One of their recent strategies has been to create their own social networking site, called

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Yahoo Pays $27 Million to Nab PayPal Exec

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While Yahoo is still a well-known name among internet giants, there’s no denying that the content company that once ruled the web is suffering from a slow decline.  In the last five years they have gone through three CEOs, most notably and recently Carol Bartz, who was fired just a

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