Why do you need to start learning HTML5

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Below is an infographic explaining about HTML5. If you want to start learning now visit Mozilla Developer Network Learn about infographic design.

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YouTube Spaces Channel for Home Design

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Watch out HGTV, a new home design channel is born. And it’s on YouTube. Spaces is a new channel on the wildly popular video clip site as a part of their efforts to create and air original content. Instead of only using the site to watch animals being hilarious, people

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WordPress Claims Its ‘Like’ Button a Success

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Regular computer, smartphone and tablet users have gotten very familiar with social media, and the transforming ways we interact with friends and content. But though you may have grown used to showing your love for articles, videos and links on Facebook and Twitter, some other sites you may not have

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Audi Beta Testing Race Car Inspired Chair Design Through Crowdsourcing

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Audi has long been at the cutting edge of automotive design. But for this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, they’re going to unveil a product with no wheels or doors. Their latest project is actually a chair. The R18 Ultra Chair is a partnership between the car manufacturer

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Choosing between Free or Premium WordPress Themes

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WordPress is a phenomenal service for people who want their website or blog to have a professional look and feel, but on an amateur’s budget. With thousands of available themes, you’re sure to find the right presentation for your site, and the customization insures you’ll be able to tweak it

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3D Printing Ready to Change the World

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Imagine the world as it was twenty years ago, just as average Americans were tentatively exploring the internet; when cellular telephones could barely fit in your purse, let alone your pocket; and when paper spooled out of your printer on additional margins that you had to crease and tear off

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The Worst Web Design Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

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Even experienced web designers can make mistakes, especially when they start thinking that everything they touch turns to gold. But whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, it behooves you to brush up on the basics once in a while so that you

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Responsive Website Design for Explosive Profits through Mobile Marketing

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Maximizing your online success through responsive website design and customized Responsive WordPress themes for mobile marketing.Mobile marketing, one of the hottest and most rapidly growing trends, is largely untapped for profitability. A...WEBPUZZLEM...

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Instant Website Builders vs. Responsive Customized WordPress

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Choose the wrong web design and development and sabotage your results online…Whether you’re in need of a new website or a re-design and development for an existing site, settling on a cheap...WEBPUZZLEMASTER - Instant Website Builders vs. R...

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Responsive WordPress and eCommerce Website Design

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Responsive WordPress website design is one way to save money and take advantage of an explosive trend in mobile marketing. Whether for eCommerce website design, a business website or a site for revenue...WEBPUZZLEMASTER - Responsive WordPress and eComm...

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