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Create 3D Printable Dolls With the MakieLab iPad App

As a little girl, almost every woman had a favorite doll. And as a little boy, virtually every man had a preferred action figure. However, when it came to what we had to choose from, the options were limited. We walked into a toy store and we picked what we

Rumor: Next iPad Will Have Similar Design Elements to iPad Mini

It’s pretty hard to believe, when one actually sits down and thinks about it, that the tablet computer revolution began only a few years ago, when Apple introduced the very first iPad in 2010. One wouldn’t think that the tablet computer, as we know it, is essentially only three years

How Savvy Businesses Are Using iPads to Increase Productivity

The future is just a wonderful thing, and these days it’s becoming more and more evident that we’re pretty much living in it. Whether you’re at home or in a coffee shop, if you’re reading this, you’re doing so on the Internet. If you’re browsing the Internet, you’re doing so

The Best iPad Apps to Help You With Your Taxes

Ah, the tablet computer. Essentially the Smartphone’s bigger the brother, the tablet computer has literally only been around for three years (seriously, it only took three years for tablets to come as far as they have, and become as numerous as they are), but they’ve completely changed the way we

Apple Orders 10 Million Units of the iPad Mini for the Holiday Season

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the mobile technology industry is that it basically didn’t exist more than two decades ago. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last several decades, and as we figure out how to fit more and more robust features into smaller and smaller

More Restaurants Utilizing iPads

As much as technology is affecting so many facets of our lives, it’s basically inescapable, the fact that we need to accept that it’s not going away any time soon. Home phones have been replaced by mobiles. Some people don’t even have a television in their house because they use

TED Releases Books App for iPhone and iPad

The creator of the widely popular web videos TEDTalks is expanding their focus into digital books now with TED Books, a new application for the Apple iOS. According to founder Chris Anderson, he’s starting what books should be in the digital world. TED Books they hope will create the same

iPad Prototype Sells for $10,000 on Ebay

Steve Jobs has one more reason to smile down on us as the prototype for the Apple iPad sold for over $10,000 on eBay this weekend. The auction started at the cheap price of $4,800 with the “Buy Now” option at $10,000. The buyer, however, paid an extra $800 for

US Court Throws Out Apple iPad Proview Lawsuit

Apple has had a break in a lawsuit against them for the iPad name trademark. Proview, a Chinese company that manufactures computer monitors among other electronic devices filed the lawsuit against Apple who purchased trademarked rights for the name of one of Proview’s products called the IPAD. This week, the

Rumor: Apple Releasing Smaller, Less Expensive iPad Later This Year

Apple continues to change the way consumers interact with content and hardware. Their desktop and laptop computers gave users a more intuitive platform, thereby widely expanding the amount of homes with computers. Apple’s iPhones and iPods expanded our thinking about the potential of a cellphone or portable music player. And

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