7 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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It’s no secret that blogging can net you a tidy income. Of course, it pays to be aware of the pitfalls, like thinking that you can quit your day job, start your blog, and pull in a salary by the end of the week. This simply doesn’t happen

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Great Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

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Google Analytics

Many people who start blogs do so with no intention of turning it into a business. And yet, if you are putting in the time, you ought to be getting more out of it than the singular joy of spending hours every day researching and writing (on your own time,

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Justice Crew

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Justice Crew are an all-male hip-hop crew and musical group from Sydney, Australia, who were the winners of Australia's Got Talent in 2010. The group consists of, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Samson Smith, Omar Kamara, Len and John Pearce, Anastasios Repousis, Lukas Bellesini, Paulie Merciadez and Solo Tohi.

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How and Why to Maintain a Blogging Schedule

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Blogging is an inspired form of communication. Bloggers who ply their craft for the education and entertainment of audiences large and small do so because they have an idea that speaks

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How to Improve Reader Participation on Your Blog

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People start blogs for many reasons. In most cases, they feel that they have something of value to share with their audience, in the form of information, analysis, opinion, or all of the above.

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How to Make an eBook and Sell it Online

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How to

Writing an eBook is not so radically different from writing in the traditional style. It starts with an idea, hopefully one that is both compelling and complete.

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Nokia X3-02

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Nokia has a new feature phone out, Nokia X3, and its claim to fame is something Nokia calls Touch and Type: a rarely seen combination between a touchscreen and a fairly standard 16-button keypad

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If there’s one word I cannot bear, We often say, too often hear, A word dividing do from don’t, And is from isn’t, will from won’t, A harmless word or so it seems, Yet trying sabotages dreams. Try equates with hesitate, Like standing still or watch and wait

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Iphone4 Coming Soon to Globe

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I just visited globe's website and saw on their homepage the advertisement about the upcoming Iphone4 which links to a registration page that you may fill up and you will be the first to get information on the iPhone 4 with Globe Telecom

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iPads and College Campuses

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You’ve packed up everything your child could conceivably need for the first year of college. You bought all new bedding, a bean bag chair, and photo frames for family pictures. You’ve purchased a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a hot plate so they can stay on track with healthy

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