Google Music for Xmas

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Google Music

For quite awhile now, Apple has been the front-runner when it comes to downloadable music content from all of your favorite artists (and some you never heard of). They also offer movies, television shows, podcasts, games, and literally almost any form of electronic entertainment

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Bloggers Learn From Journalists

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Most bloggers do not have a journalistic background. And in truth, it hasn’t been necessary in the past. The concept behind blogging in general is to share information and opinions

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Starting a Niche Blog

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Contrary to popular belief, starting a blog is relatively easy. You just sign on to a free web-hosting service and start writing. The problem arises when you decide you want readers.

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Craigslist Closes Adult Services Section

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After a group of state attorneys general said there wasn’t enough protection on the site, Craigslist has finally given up the legal fight over erotic ads posted on it’s website.

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FarmVille Cheats

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If you have been on Facebook for long or you enjoy iPhone apps, then you have probably heard of Zynga’s zinger of a game, FarmVille, the most popular game on Facebook.

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September 10 non-working holiday

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Malacañang has declared September 10 a non-working holiday to give way for the celebration for the end of the Muslims' holy month of fasting, the Ramadan.

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Ping – Social Network for Music

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Apple today announced a number of upgrades to its music and media service iTunes. Most notably, it’s giving iTunes a social layer.

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Ninja Saga Cheat Sheet

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ninja saga

Do you dream about entering the world of the ancient ninjas, steeped in a tradition of stealth and silent strikes that cause instant death without so much as a whisper of sound?

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Social Media: It’s Not for Everyone

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Social media, like other forms of mass communication before it, is in the process of realizing rapid growth and the inherent problems that come along with the adoption of new technology on a widespread scale before social measures have quite caught up

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Jackie Chan Apologizes

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jackie chan

Jackie Chan release a statement of apology on his site because of the twitter issue regarding the hostage tragedy here in the Philippines.

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