Top 10 iPhone Apps that Benefit Small Business

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Every small business can benefit from hopping aboard the mobile technology bandwagon, and for those that prefer the iPhone, there are a ton of apps that are aptly applicable (not to mention affordable).  Here are the top ten you’ll definitely want to look into. MiniBooks.  FreshBooks made this app to

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The Release of the New iPhone 4S

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What is an iPhone release without loads of conflicting predictions, projections, disagreements, and blatant falsities? Particularly with finding information about the release of the new iPhone, much of the information analysts were touting about the phone before its official release was simply not right. For instance, almost every tech website,

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iPhone 5 in the Philippines

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iPhone 5 here in the Philippines! Yes, you read it right. iPhone 5 is already available here in the Philippines even before it is released officially in the US. How come? Well, someone offered me an iPhone5 that will only cost Php28,000, and told me its from “Customs” and it

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Rumor: iPhone 5 Expected in September

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Almost precisely a year after the iPhone 4’s June 2010 release and the rumor mill is a-churnin’. It seems a couple of suggestive bits of information seem to be pointing towards production of the iPhone 5 before the fall fully sets in.

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The Best Travel Apps for the iPhone and iPad

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If you’re planning a trip any time soon, or you happen to travel a lot, you may be looking for a few ways to make the experience easier (and cut down on some of the items you’ll have to pack).

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Accept Credit Cards from Your Phone

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The world just got a little bit bigger for Apple users. Those who have an iPhone 4, a fourth generation iPod (touch), or an iPad can now attach a handy little device that allows them to swipe a credit card and transmit the information wirelessly.

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Apple Reports Record iPhone Earnings

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With Apple-loving technophiles eagerly awaiting the release of not one, but two new iPhones (the white iPhone, which is due out any day now, and the iPhone 5, slated to appear on the market later this year) you might think that the tech giant would suffer a commensurate dip in

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Apple's White iPhone: Coming Soon?

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For those of you in love with anything and everything designer or personalized, you’ll be happy to hear that you can take those tacky skins off your iPhone and upgrade to the new and improved “white” version from Apple.

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iPhone Vs. Android: Nielsen Numbers

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From checking your Facebook to downloading music to using your step-by-step navigation system, Smartphone’s are giving consumers a reason to upgrade from their standard flip phones to a more technologically savvy device. According to statistics on the overall U.S. market,

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Apple Iphone 4 in the Philippines

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I'm a frequent visitor of Ebuystore site cause i always check the price of DSLR cameras especially Nikon D90, then i tried to browse the phone categories and found out that the site is already selling iPhone 4 here in the Philippines

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