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5 Tips for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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Crowdfunding is quickly becoming an excellent way for budding entrepreneurs to bypass the process of pressing venture capitalists for startup capital. Crowdfunding is also allowing artists, musicians and other creative people the opportunity to reach out directly to the public to raise money for materials, studio recording time and whatever

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5 Great Dating Apps for College Students

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Thanks to technology, everything has changed. Even dating. For the most part, gone are the days when you would see someone out, ask for their number and then call them on their landline, hoping that they’ll pick up the phone—or at least return your voice mail. Now you can email,

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5 Great Mobile Apps for MBA Students and Professionals

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When you make the commitment to go to business school so that you can earn your MBA, although it is initially a significant investment of your time and money, there are several reasons why it’s a smart thing to do. Not only does it provide you with some of the

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5 Fun Ways to Customize Your Windows Start Screen

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windows 7 startup screen

The PC platform is still going strong and it is getting stronger as technology progresses and as smart phone tablets are becoming more hybridized and advanced. What does this mean for the Windows user? It means that you can totally customize your experience with easy to access applications, funny wallpapers and other

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Cut the Rope 2 will be released for iOS on December 19

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cut the rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 will be available for iOS ONLY this coming December 19. But how about android? Sad to say android users will have to wait until sometime next year to play(early January 2014?). The game will be US$0.99 and will allow users to interact with the series hero,

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[Download] Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack

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The soundtrack to the Disney animated film Frozen debuts at No. 18, selling 44,000 in its first week. It’s the highest-charting soundtrack from an animated film since 2006, when another Disney film, “Cars,” drove its soundtrack to No. 6. –source1 Frozen is good. And as you may have heard, the

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5 Tips for Choosing Strong and Secure Passwords

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If your password of choice for online accounts is “password” you have some serious lessons to learn about the best ways to protect your sensitive data in the virtual world. The same is true if you rely on passwords like “12345” or “linda101358″ (your mom’s name and birth date). The

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How to eat oranges the easy way?

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I saw a post from lifehacker which tells you to strip oranges instead of peeling them. It will be a helpful post this time of the year or anytime of the year when you want to eat your oranges. The guide links to a site that seems to be down.

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Download Christmas Songs 2013

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Christmas is near and it is also the time when we want to be with our family and play some songs. Below are some Christmas songs that you can download and listen during this time of the year. As one of the songs says: Christmas is the time of year

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Smart Home Automation Solution Revolv Receives $4 Million in Funding

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It’s a safe assumption that you’ve seen the cute AT&T commercial where the parents are sitting on the porch, their adult kids drive up and the father asks if they turned everything off at home. When the kids say “yes”, there’s a cut away to the house. From a handy

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