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Google Creates Adwords Credit Card in the UK

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As industry-leading search engine giant Google continues to gather more clients worldwide, the company has had to search for new methods of interaction. After all, these are tough economic times, and the internet bubble burst quite a while ago. Google takes pride in being a strong web partner not only

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Google Resolves Book Scanning Dispute

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Google has been working tirelessly on their Google Books service, a research resource for avid readers and potentially a solid competitor of Apple and Amazon’s literary sales. But the internet search giant has faced major opposition, including litigation against their Google Library Project, claiming copyright infringement. But in an announcement

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Taylor Swift Comes Through for Deaf School Students After 4Chan Prank

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Famous musicians often use their reach and popularity to promote issues they care deeply about. Many musicians actually become just as well known for their charitable efforts as their hit records. But some detractors feel that musicians should stick to music and leave the social commentary to the nonprofit organizations,

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What is Responsive Web Design?

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responsive web design

Web design trends often seem to come, go, and change their shape quicker than clouds drifting across windy skies, but every so often a new paradigm grows into a powerful force that changes the way we look at and design websites. Now that internet access is no longer restricted to

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Amazon Shopping Site for Environmentalists

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Some companies and websites seem poised to overcome any obstacles, whether competition in the marketplace or a seriously strained consumer base operating in a poor economy. Apple continues to dominate the computing space, and the iPhone 5 is their latest can’t-miss product. Google has built an empire on web searches,

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‘Wordflex’ Gets Students in Touch With Language

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How many students carry around a dictionary? Probably not too many. These bulky tomes could certainly come in handy in a variety of situations, but they simply take up too much space in a backpack that is already overburdened by scholastic texts. And while students often keep a copy of

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Data Firm 3Taps Files Antitrust Action Against Craigslist

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