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How to Create Unique Emoticons in Word

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Don’t you wish that people could see you smiling as you send text messages or emails? Emoticons have become increasingly popular over the years as typing and texting have evolved into some of the most ubiquitous forms of communication in the world. Somewhere along the line, creative typists realized that

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3D Printers Reshaping the Medical Field

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Some of the technological advancements that have been made in the last couple of decades are simply staggering. From the simple pager has risen the modern smartphone, essentially a computer that can make and receive phone calls. From the earliest of Nintendo’s 8- and 12-bit video game systems have grown

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Microsoft Office 2013 Goes on Sale in November

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Technology sites have been teasing the release of Microsoft Office 2013 for close to a year now, and Microsoft has been doing everything in its power to help build the excitement. They’ve long spoken about how ambitious this upgrade is, basically referring to it as a game-changer that will completely

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Personal Finance Made Easy With the ‘PageOnce’ App

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Finance is not something that the majority of students focus on. While everyone has to take at least a minimum of mathematics courses in high school and college, very few students will bother with even a basic accounting class before they are thrust into the adult world and forced to

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‘ZocDoc’ App Helps You Find Doctors on the Go

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It certainly seems like there are applications for nearly any want or need these days, from the merely entertaining to the truly useful. In many cases, apps are designed to make the user’s life easier in some way. For example, navigational apps can be used to find a location and

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Apple Orders 10 Million Units of the iPad Mini for the Holiday Season

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Perhaps the most interesting thing about the mobile technology industry is that it basically didn’t exist more than two decades ago. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last several decades, and as we figure out how to fit more and more robust features into smaller and smaller

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Google Creates Adwords Credit Card in the UK

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As industry-leading search engine giant Google continues to gather more clients worldwide, the company has had to search for new methods of interaction. After all, these are tough economic times, and the internet bubble burst quite a while ago. Google takes pride in being a strong web partner not only

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Google Resolves Book Scanning Dispute

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Google has been working tirelessly on their Google Books service, a research resource for avid readers and potentially a solid competitor of Apple and Amazon’s literary sales. But the internet search giant has faced major opposition, including litigation against their Google Library Project, claiming copyright infringement. But in an announcement

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Taylor Swift Comes Through for Deaf School Students After 4Chan Prank

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Famous musicians often use their reach and popularity to promote issues they care deeply about. Many musicians actually become just as well known for their charitable efforts as their hit records. But some detractors feel that musicians should stick to music and leave the social commentary to the nonprofit organizations,

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What is Responsive Web Design?

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responsive web design

Web design trends often seem to come, go, and change their shape quicker than clouds drifting across windy skies, but every so often a new paradigm grows into a powerful force that changes the way we look at and design websites. Now that internet access is no longer restricted to

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