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Apple Hoping to Create the All iPad Classroom

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Apple’s hopes to restructure traditional classrooms begin with introducing digital textbooks into public schools via the company’s increasingly popular iPad. But will educators be impressed? This past January, Apple introduced the iBook 2, which functions as a digital textbook service in conjunction with three major textbook publishers who serve K-12

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SnappSchool: a New Educational Startup

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Educational reform is not a new concept for the United States. Different schools of thought regarding the ways that parents want their children to learn come and go, or are intensely popular for a period of time, only to fade in popularity and return years later. Now a startup called

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Preview Windows 8: a Huge Departure for Microsoft

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The billions of people worldwide who shun Apple for the Windows operating system are about to get a long buzzed-about upgrade: Windows 8. The new operating system is a complete departure from Windows XP or Windows 7, and was built for the modern computer user, whether your device of choice

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Mercedes, Meet Siri

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Perhaps you’ve seen the graphic PSAs meant to deter teens from texting while driving. If you have a teen that is glued to his or her phone 24/7, you may be looking for a system that will allow the underage driver in your household to operate hands-free in the car.

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Treating Depression and Anxiety With a Cell Phone App?

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Many people suffer from social anxiety disorders or depression. But there may be hope for them, as soon they may be able to utilize their cell phones in order to help relieve some of the symptoms that plague them. Researchers at Northwestern University have been experimenting with a new app

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Yahoo Threatens Legal Action Against Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg should be on top of the world. After all, his social networking experiment – documented in the 2010 film “The Social Network” – has taken off in ways that even he couldn’t have predicted, and has turned him into one of the youngest billionaires in the country. But

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